Who would have thought that in our time and days we would start exploring Asteroid mining? The asteroid-mining startup, backed by billionaires such as Google’s Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and James Cameron held it’s first launch event this past Tuesday as the museum of Flight in Seattle.

The company Planetary Resources, the world’s premier andacious space company is set to start prospecting near-Earth asteroids as early as by end of 2013.

There will be telescopes setup which will identify near Earth Asteroids that are rich in water (for rocket fuel) as well as precious metals such as platinum. The operation will be controlled by swarms of robot prospectors which will be zooming in on the promising Asteroids and will handle mining and capture of the Asteroids.

Do you think this company has a chance of success in the near future? Can this be the next big successful venture and will others follow in their path? We at Pearl White Media believe over time the company will prosper in their explorations of the mining of Asteroids.