We have many potential clients come to us, and ask us to build their informational business website with a new, modern design. Most of these client’s are not aware that in these days of age, the advantages to having a back-end content management system. (CMS)

Most clients come to us with their past sites which were built in the early 2000’s. These specific websites are normally simply built in plain HTML. The issue the clients have with these past HTML websites, is that they are unable to edit anything on their end without having some knowledge of HTML coding. They would not be able to add pages, edit the menu or change any images.

This is where we come in. Our WordPress services are affordable and simple to manage. With the latest technology in web design, we build custom designed websites and give our clients FULL control of their back-end of their site. Contact us today for a FREE QUOTE.

WordPress is easy to use, simple for someone who is not very computer saavy and is packed with many more features which can be read here.