We at Pearl White Media have been using WordPress for a few years. One of the main reason’s we use WordPress is for the specific reason that the platform is great for the search engines.
Out of the box WordPress is affective, but needs a bit of a nudge. That is when our specialty comes in. Optimizing your WordPress blog or website is crucial to attaining solid results on Google and all other major search engines. Listed below are our recommendations to improving your WordPress website:

1) Provide an XML Sitemap

Google always highly suggests creating an XML sitemap for your website. Google XML sitemaps, with over ten million downloads you can rest assured this will take care of the job.


2) All in One SEO or YOAST SEO

We always recommended adding the following plugins, which will help with the optimization of your website. Once the plugin is installed, we can optimize your website properly with the correct title tags, descriptions etc.


3) Optimizing your Site for Google+

Google + is the second largest social media platform behind Facebook. It is important to properly optimize your Google + page. Utilizing your page will strengthen your position in the SERPs and boost click through rates.


If you haven’t taken action to make sure these recommendations are complete, we would highly recommend them. Make sure you follow these steps and activate the proper plugins to ensure your site runs efficiently and appears above your competition in the search engines.