It’s simple. WordPress is the simply the best option for your website project. Almost 55% of the 1 million most visited sites are run on the WordPress Content Management System. Why you may ask? It’s stable, really easy to use and constantly updates upon new releases and versions.

There are many CMS out there to choose from such as Joomla, Drupal and dozens others but none offer the clean, sophistication of a WordPress back-end. Our clients these days are looking for a simple solution to update their images and content on their site. Without hesitation we always offer them our custom WordPress development packages. What Pearl White Media Media specializes in is building a custom, unique design based on your reference sites and turn that into a working WordPress theme.

You may ask, where does WordPress excel amongst others out there?












Due to it’s simple back-end, client’s have the ability to login to the administration panel and full update their website pages themselves. Similar to Microsoft Word, users can go in edit text, bold titles or even copy paste directly from a Word or Notepad document. There is a full wide range of control to upload images and manage the navigation menu as well, without having to contact your web designer.


WordPress is known for blogging. It started off as a blogging software and will remain one to date. There is nothing better and easier to use for blogging then WordPress. Simply create a new POST, edit an existing one or delete one at any time. Not only is this great for SEO (having new updated content on your site) but is also great for adding more relevant content to your pages.


WordPress is used worldwide. What this means is their are tons of third party developers constantly working on plugins for the software. Some examples might be integrating Mailchimp newsletter system, or adding a calendar to you site which you can fully manage etc.


Overall after using mostly all CMS in the past, in the last few years getting to know WordPress better and better we come to a solution that is the BEST option for your project. Inquire today for a FREE estimate.