The importance of working with a skilled and experienced WordPress developer cannot be overstated, which is why you should work with us at Pearl White Media. Our extensive marketing knowledge as well as graphic and web design enables us to render high quality services uniquely catered to the needs of businesses from all industries. We are based in Montreal, but we offer services to clients anywhere with the help of WordPress.

According to the developers themselves, WordPress was created to serve as an inclusive platform that makes it easier for users to share their content with others.  WordPress has undergone a great deal of transformation over the years. It has gone from being a tool primarily used for blog creation, to one that is now fully capable of creating any kind of website with no limitations.

Examples of websites that can be made with the help of WordPress include: Blogs, Corporate websites, Websites for Small Business, eCommerce websites, Forums, Personal websites, Social networking websites

There is no limitation placed on what kind of website you can create using WordPress. Companies big and small as well as individuals looking to carve out their own niche online can benefit from using WordPress.



All our websites are built with Elementor Page Builder to allow our clients to easily manage, design and update their websites. We use one of the best themes available to WordPress (Astra Pro) as a base framework to build your website on. Elementor has been rated as the #1 web creation platform ( WordPress content management system) for WordPress due to it’s easy to use interface. We give the client’s the power to create their own pages easily without having to contact or pay for updates. As a creative agency, the licences are all included with your project, so you have no recurring costs for licensing. On top of using the most powerful page builder & best theme available for WordPress websites, we create all our forms using the most advanced form plugin called Gravity Forms.

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Page speed refers to how quickly all the contents of a particular web page are displayed. You obviously want your site to load quickly so visitors are more inclined to visit. Furthermore, a high page speed rating for your website matters to Google’s algorithm. We ensure all our builds are fully optimized to ensure your website runs at it’s peak performance. Get a services from best wordpress design company

Here are some ways how we help improve page speed for your website:

  • Compress Files as Appropriate – Use specific tools for compressing files to gain favor in Google rankings.
  • Optimize Your Website’s Code – Refining your code is a great way to increase your website’s page speed.
  • Cut Down on How Many Redirects Take Place on Your Website – Those additional redirects can cause page speed to decrease significantly.
  • Avoid the Use of Blocking Javascript – Take Google’s advice and stop doing this for your website.
  • Take Advantage of Caching – Reduce the amount of time it takes for browsers to load up your website by making good use of caching.
  • Address Any Bit of Server Slowdown – How your server performs can affect page speed. Check up on this and make sure that everything has been optimized.
  • Use the Right size Images – Factors such as image format and compression can have an impact on how quickly a page loads in full.

Since Google takes page speed into account when ranking pages, it makes sense to implement the necessary optimization practices. The tips listed above should help you improve your website’s page speed significantly, which will lead to better traffic down the line.


Woocommerce Online Store

The WooCommerce plug-in is an add-on to your WordPress Website converting it into a fully transactional online e-commerce store.. WooCommerce is now the most popular e-commerce platform on the web. WordPress WooCommerce comes with everything you need to build and run a successfully low cost e-commerce business. Whether you are a new business or an established one, you will soon realize how simple it is to sell products online with WooCommerce. There are also  no associated monthly costs like Shopify etc other than your website hosting.


Wordpress Support & Maintenance

Many will argue that building a beautiful website populated with useful and informative content are the easy parts of establishing your online presence. The challenge is to find a way to rank highly on Google.

Yoast SEO helps you solve that problem by ensuring that your website adheres to the “highest technical SEO standards.”

Partnering a WordPress website with Yoast SEO helps improve several aspects. These include the layout of the content, the way the titles of certain pages and posts are presented, and even the organization of the website.

Sharing links that will garner clicks on social media is also easier if you use Yoast SEO. Plus, Yoast SEO will let authors know how readable the posts they’re writing actually are.

WordPress, on its own, is already a solid platform for publishing SEO-friendly content. But its SEO-friendly aspects are emphasized even further by the Yoast SEO plug-in.

Wordpress Web Design Examples


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