Are you looking to start your own blog or build a custom wordpress website? Our web designers & developers at Pearl White Media specialize in custom WordPress theme development. How does it work? Our designers will design your website to achieve your desired look, upon approval we take the custom website design we create and our developers code it to work with the WordPress content management platform giving you full control of the website.

Whether your looking to add news, photos videos or even add pages you will have the ability to do this yourself WITHOUT having to contact your web designer!

Here are just a few WordPress websites we recently launched: (custom blog)

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The WordPress platform offers a simple user interface when it comes to other content management systems. After logging into WordPress you’ll arrive at the dashboard. The WordPress dashboard allows you to change many elements of your website without having to know a line of code. You can change/edit images, pages, posts, content and a variety of other features fairly quickly.

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