Ecommerce and online stores are the pivotal elements of modern business modules and Pearl White Media is here to empower everybody with effective eCommerce services. Our company is introducing the beneficial aspects of the WooCommerce platform through its services to create a healthy space of online stores and businesses for everyone. Our e-commerce Experts in Montreal are well experienced in the field and consist of the business acumen needed for the purpose.

What is WooCommerce? How can it help in online business?

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress CMS and one of the most popular platforms for building online stores. The platform offers every necessary tool, plugin, and necessary media element to create and run a low-cost eCommerce store successfully. There are no additional costs other than the monthly fees which help to operate a business without spending a lot of money.

 Integrating WooCommerce into your business can bring exponential change as it is part of the widely used CMS technology, WordPress. It currently supports more than 51% of the total online stores worldwide and continues to grow more with new emerging businesses in the market.

Why should you choose Pearl White Media’s WooCommerce services?

At Pearl White Media, we thrive to offer you complete ownership and control of your Woocommerce Online Store along with an array of benefits. Even though WooCommerce offers most of the required elements to build an online store; it can be a daunting task for a beginner to create their own shop while keeping an eye on the marketing, maintenance, and development. Hiring us will give you ample opportunities to focus on your business prospects while we take care of the online store. 

Beneficial aspects

  • Ownership controls – We thrive to provide you full-fledged eCommerce website without the need of a web designer or developer. You are able to enjoy complete ownership from anywhere and at any hour of the day. The Woocommerce module is solely established for WordPress CMS in order to bring sustainability in the eCommerce field.
  • Complete Security – WooCommerce maintains best practices and international coding standards which are regularly updated. As a result, the platform is able to offer high-class security and privacy options to keep your online store safe and secure.
  • Payment Methods – You can rely on us since all the transmitted data is protected and secure. Usually, there are various options like Paypal, BACS, Stripe, and cash on delivery to help global customers. 
  • Flexibility – Online stores are not just stores but a place of virtual attraction with proper user interface design and usage. At WooCommerce, you can get a handful of dynamic options to customize your store with the perfect color tone, aesthetics, and smooth interface without any technical knowledge of coding.
  • Maintenance – Maintaining your online store is even easier with the help of easy tax and shipping options, individual customer accounts, detailed reports, geolocation support, stock tracking, and the list goes on.

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