We at Pearl White Media have been working with WordPress a few years now. As the platform grows, so do it’s features and capabilities. As soon as a new version of WordPress comes out, we always make sure to integrate these new features into our client’s websites.

The new version of WordPress not has improved internationalization support. WordPress is available in a large number of languages which gives clients the flexibility to offer their websites in multiple languages. We have had requests in the past to not only build a website in English and French but also in Spanish, Portuguese, German amongst others. The back-end admin panel is also available in all these languages making it a great internationally used website tool.

Managing your media in websites is also getting easier and easier with WordPress’ improved library tool. There is a new grid layour allowing or an inifinite scroll. It is also a lot simplier to upload images directly from your desktop by simply dragging them in. After inserting your images, you will notice an improved post editor with multiple scroll bars.

Overall as time goes on, WordPress is constantly improving and becoming more user friendly. Contact us today for a free estimate on developing your WordPress blog or website.