These days with the use of our modern day technology, travelling is getting easier and easier. In minutes you can book a flight or vacation package online without the need of a travel agent.

With such great tools we have today, we often wonder what travelling will be like in the 2020’s? Space tourism isn’t quite a reality yet but travel technology is still advancing quite rapidly.

Over the next 10 years, we at Pearl White Media Website Design expect lots of new tools to help us book business trips quicker and more efficiently. The first trend is the growth of wearable technology which will be personalize virtual assistants to remind us of airport maps or neighbourhoods. Travel planning apps and booking sites would also grow allowing more people to move to online booking. With Apple’s new Apple Watch we should be seeing a lot of cool apps to follow regarding the travelling field.

The next big thing which we truly believe is the future is virtual reality. As far away as you think this may be, it already exists. Have you heard of the Oculus Rift? Perhaps in the future the Oculus can be used as a virtual trip planner to tropical destinations. It can offer you a preview of a place before booking. This will in the future help hotels and destinations show travellers exactly what to expect and experience when they book.

Lastly, semantic search will grow tremendously. Online search travel has come a long way in order to personalize what you are looking for. Semantic search would customize results for every traveler allowing travel companies to understand exactly what a traveller really wants. According to reports, tools can even be developed for facial expressions to adjust results based on a person’s reaction to a travel result. Overall travelling in the future will get more and more high tech and with the power of the Internet help us narrow down our travel choices simply and efficiently.