Woocommerce is one of the greatest eCommerce plugins in the world that helped many entrepreneurs and individuals to establish their businesses virtually. With the help of Pearl White Media, you are able to create your own Woocommerce Online Store with utmost care and professionalism. The e-commerce experts of our agency are capable of turning your raw ideas into a fruitful online store.

Before jumping to the process of development, let’s take a better look at the useful plugins that can help you create an advanced online store while keeping an eye on modern trends.

Best Report & Analytical Plugins of Woocommerce


This plugin is preferred by most for being an exceptional reporting tool for Woocommerce. It shows the performance of your online store along with detailed insight into the customer behavior and their activity with your store. Boasting over 100 features, this plugin can offer real-time data, product insights, email automation, and many others. Presenting in a simple manner, this plugin is a perfect fit for beginners as well. This plugin is widely recommended by the e-commerce Experts in Montreal.


Metrilo gained popularity for offering real-time accurate data with zero error. This plugin is quite diverse in nature and applicable to dynamic industries to make effective strategies. It can help you improve your decision-making for business while strengthening your relationship with the customers. Focusing on the best selling points, this plugin helps to generate more ROI (return on investment). It is not just a surface level tool but is capable of offering more deeper insights into your business,

  Product Sales Reports Pro for WooCommerce

This plugin is solely designed to keep a keen eye on potential customers. Those who want to inspect every small detail of the customer behavior can opt for this plugin. It can show you the major sales indicators along with minor details that make huge changes in the growth and sales of the business. The pro version provides an overview of the product trends that can be utilized to boost sales.

  Beeketing For WooCommerce

When you are trying to open an online store, it is quite usual to not have enough workforce since it is your independent business. However, without many people to help; it gets really hard to run a business smoothly while you have to keep an eye on everything. That is where Beeketing For WooCommerce arrives to empower everyone. It offers all-in-one marketing automation which is effective and does not require anyone to handle it manually. It is quite powerful and helps the intriguing processes get done automatically with more efficiency and zero error.

  Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce

This plugin helps to integrate your WooCommerce store with Google Analytics within a few minutes. Its essential features of Universal Analytics include enhanced e-commerce attributes and User ID tracking.

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