In every web design, communication plays a crucial role and it is the need of the hour to have a clear connection between the users and websites. In the contest of web design, the professionals deal with texts to accomplish the goals.

A vital role is played by Typography because as much as 95% of the web information is written language. The user interface is optimized by Typography and helps in improving the legibility and readability of the text.

Minimum Fonts

If the number of fonts used is two, it is plenty and in some cases one is sufficient. If more than 3 different fonts are used it looks unprofessional and unstructured.

Standard Fonts

A fresh new look can be provided by embedding standard fonts. This works best for branding purposes and designers at Web agency Montreal spent time in finding the best ones.

Limit Line Length

The readability of a line is best with the right amount of characters in it. It should be 60 characters per line for the best user experience and mobile screens; in the case of Responsive Website Design it should be 30-40 characters in a line.

Precise Typeface

The sites can be accessed from different resolutions and screen sizes from various devices. Only that typeface must be chosen that works better with multiple weights and sizes for maintaining usability and readability in all the sizes. The Montreal Web Design Company keeps abreast with such scientific changes.

Distinguishable Letters

There are many confusing typefaces with similar letterforms like the ‘L’ s and ‘I’s. S, the type must be checked before choosing to avoid issues for the users.

Avoid All Caps

The speed for scanning and reading is retarded by all capital print. But it does not happen with lower case types so the capitalized letters are to be avoided.

Not Minimizing Spacing

It is necessary to keep the spacing between lines minimized. It is defined by a special term called leading and the vertical white space between text lines can be increased by leading. For good readability, the leading has to be 30% more than the height of the character.

Color Contrast

Sufficient color contrast and similar text colors, as well as background, must be avoided. The visibility of the text makes it easier to read and scan. The contrast ratio has to have pinpoint accuracy and the real users must test the color choice on the majority of the devices.

Avoid Text Coloring

Color blindness is a very common phenomenon and according to studies, 85 of the men are affected by it. So, it is highly recommended that different cues are used with colors so that it can distinguish important information. The colors green and red are avoided while conveying information because these two colors are a common form of blindness due to color.

Skip Blinking Text 

In susceptible individuals, seizures are triggered with content that flickers and flashes. For users in general, it can turn out to be annoying and cause various distractions.