At Pearl White Media, we have been primarily focusing on the Magento E-Commerce platform for over 5 years now. Developing over 50+ Magento websites to date. We have to say we are constantly learning new unique features and advantages of the CMS over it’s competitors.

Magento is an excellent e-commerce tool for selling your products and services online. There is numerous great are advantages using this CMS over other e-commerce systems such as Zen cart, Prestashop etc. Magento is an all in one solution offering more flexibility, and a wide range of functionalities.

Some of the many advantages include the following:

1) Community

Magento has a great online community. Through it’s large community and Magento forum, you can find support to any questions you may have in regards to the content management system. On the discussion boards, you can also read reviews on different extensions and the latest news in related to the growth of the software. Keep in mind Magento is owned by eBay so there is constant growth with every update.


2) Architecture

The Magento platform is well known for the wide range of functionalities it offers. The back-end offers an extensive reporting system and product management. Through it’s extraordinary architecture, both the web designer and the admin of the site have the ability to update the site. Each product has a detailed section where as you can control every aspect of each product in detail such as price, description, images, category and set related products etc. You even have the ability to manage several stores at the same time from one administration panel.


3) Additional Functionalities

Magento has many other features and built-in functionalities. Magento has what’s called “extensions” which are additions to the system where as you can add and install that were developed by 3rd party companies. You can read more about Magento’s extension here. From an SEO standpoint, the software has a lot of consideration in the script in order to be optimized well for the search engines. 
You can read more about Magento’s advantages directly on our website here.