When we heard about these wearable bracelets that can charge your phone, we were intrigued. Unless we charge our phone all day, after a full day or work and calls our phone’s batteries are nearly out.

Wearable devices have been increasingly hot lately, most of which are to track your life and health status. There is now a new entrant into this category which is capable of charging your phone called the QBracelet. This portable charger has the capability to deliver battery life to your iPhone or Android device.

The minimalist design is a piece of jewelry. You can unfold the bracelet and you’ll find hidden a charging connector, a micro USB connector for Androids and a lightning connector for the iPhone.

Offered in black, silver and gold this water-resistant devices comes in three sizes (small, medium and large). If you get a QBracelet at pre-order the starting price is $79. Retail it is set to sell at $99. The company expects to ship the device to consumers in December.