There is no doubt that videos are better for increasing conversion rates or boosting engagement on social media platforms. All leading brands and marketers are hell-bent on leveraging the power of videos to achieve their objectives. All prominent brands have an online channel to showcase and sell their products or services in the contemporary digital age. Using videos as a marketing tool can boost the conversion rate for e-commerce stores drastically.

If you are wondering what’s the catch behind using videos, it’s straightforward. Video content is highly informative and also has a high retention rate. The interested buyers of a product will get all the necessary information they are seeking through a video. This is hard to achieve with other content formats such as texts or images. Besides this, advertisement videos are intrinsically designed to lure customers to the landing page. Therefore, creating quality videos is essential to stand out from the competition.  

How do videos help to boost the conversion rate for e-commerce stores?

Videos are dynamic; they can be both informative and entertaining simultaneously. It is hard to achieve with static imagery or a text medium. You will be amazed to learn that quality video content backed by the right video marketing strategy can boost your conversion rates by up to 80%. Putting out video content might get you traffic, but optimizing it on your webpage will get conversions. Optimizing videos for e-commerce stores can really work wonders in terms of conversion boosting.

Treating your e-commerce store as a piece of digital real estate is essential. This will help you figure out where you should be putting your marketing assets, which in this case are videos. It is important to address all the concerns your target customers might have before purchasing videos. For example, a product video should demonstrate each functionality of the product. These features should be linked with a benefit that should solve a problem for your prospective customers. Let’s dig deeper to find out more about how videos can help to boost conversions for e-commerce stores. 

Online advertisement

Digital marketing channels provide a great way to deliver targeted messages across different audience segments using media-rich content formats like videos. These advertisement videos can either be for customers who are aware of the product you are selling or for those who are not aware but might be a prospect. Creating a video that shows the product solving a problem is a great way to advertise to an unaware audience. However, it requires persuading them to look at a problem they didn’t know existed. 

If you are trying to market your products to a customer segment that is aware of your product offering, you can target them with a USP of the product. Creating a video advertisement highlighting the features that set your product apart is important. You will be surprised to learn that videos had the highest click-through rate among all different types of digital ads. A higher click-through rate means more people will be visiting your website, and the chances of converting more people are higher. Grabbing the attention of an online audience with a video is a highly effective way to most your conversions.

Videos for landing/product pages

Video advertisements on digital platforms like Facebook can help bring in more traffic, but the real magic happens on your landing pages. This is the place where people get to learn more about the features and benefits offered by your products which ultimately leads to sales. Placing videos on your landing pages can help to address people’s doubts and queries related to the product instantly. Videos can cover a large topic quickly, and this remarkable feature plays a crucial role in converting your online traffic.  

Creating engaging product pages for e-commerce stores requires high-quality, user intent videos. You can use a combination of two types of videos for the best results. These include a product video and an explained video. A product video shows what a product looks like from different angles and highlights its key features. It is used to entice the customer to know more about the product and how it can benefit them. Explainer videos explain how a product works, its functionalities, benefits offered, etc. It’s a detailed video highlighting the utility quotient of the product.

Leverage videos to establish trust

A lack of trust can hamper your conversion rates to a great extent. If you put yourself in the customer’s shoes, it will give you a fair idea. Imagine buying a product you haven’t seen from a store you have never been to. Trust issues can be a real challenge for e-commerce businesses, and they need to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Placing product videos on your website addressing the common questions in the minds of your prospective customers can be a deal-breaker.

Besides product videos, you must focus on adding customer testimonial videos that people can relate to. Having customer testimonials is a great way to boost your conversion rates without much hard work. A customer product review gives an unbiased opinion about the product. It can help address the common questions in the minds of people who are considering buying the same. You can use powerful video tools like InVideo to create high-quality videos instantly. It will help to establish trust and ensure transparency in the selling process.

Post-purchase onboarding

E-commerce businesses make real profits from returning customers, given the acquisition cost. Creating an incredible customer journey once they have purchased a product from your website is a great way to enhance their experience. A satisfied customer will surely come back to buy more from your website. Creating a post-purchase video that can effectively help them use the product will lead to a higher return rate. It will also help you address the common challenges based on past data. It is recommended that you create multiple short-form videos that can address their concerns separately rather than combining everything into a single video.

FAQs and how-to videos

Customers have a lot of questions before they buy a particular product. It can be related to size, color, features, delivery period, availability for a specific location, discounts, etc. Not addressing these questions can lead to a lower conversion rate. Creating a detailed FAQ(s) video can help you overcome this challenge. It can address the questions of your existing and prospective customers. Besides this, you should also try to create ‘how to’ videos if your product requires demonstration.

Final words

Videos can help grow your conversion rates for e-commerce stores exponentially when created and placed well. It should address any queries that your prospective customers might have. Using a dynamic video tool like InVideo can help ease your video creation worries. This guide will help you leverage the power of videos for boosting conversion to e-commerce stores.