WooCommerce has gained exceptional popularity in the e-commerce industry. If you are looking for the best social media plugins solution, Montreal-based Company Pearl White Media is ready to help you with all your doubts.

Let’s check the 7 top social media plugins for WooCommerce -:

WooCommerce Bookings

Whenever you are trying to open a WooCommerce online store, try to add the bookings plugin. This is the best plugin available for users who can book products of their choice. Many potential customers first try to share and confirm their desired products on social media and then make the final decision. In this way, your product also gets more exposure.

WooCommerce Wishlist

This is one of the best plugins, which is out there for shopping online. This plugin helps you suggest a product to a customer based on their previous purchases. Wishlists can always be categorized depending on the type of products a customer wants to buy. They are quite handy and easy to manage.

Delivery Date Plugin

With a fast-paced generation, people are growing impatient. Online Shopping is o different. This plugin is used for providing customers with an estimated delivery date. This also helps customers to schedule their routine accordingly as you might never know who is busy on which day of the week. This beneficial plugin also lets you add the time of the delivery as well which helps customers buying decisions.

Multi-Language Support

Several e-commerce Experts in Montreal have implemented the multilingual plugin for their customer’s understanding. Communication is the key and if you are trying to maintain the same, you must go for this feature. It basically changes the default language to the language chosen by a customer. Starting from the landing page until the checkout page, the language remains changed which helps in the buying process of the customer.

Share For Discount

Whenever the aspect of social media comes, you must never miss this plugin, as it ultimately promotes your business on a large scale. It basically appears like sharing a page for earning a discount. Links to several other social media platforms that you choose remain right in front of the users. You can also select the platforms you wish your site to get promoted on.

Ultimate Social

These are the most interesting options that you can get. Be it a WooCommerce Online Store in Toronto or even Montreal, worry no more. This particular plugin features almost every social media handles and can be placed on any part of your product page. Users will simply click on the social media icon on which they want to share and proceed accordingly.

WooCommerce Instagram

Hashtag marketing on Instagram is essential for getting proper online visibility. Definitely implement the Instagram plugin, which lets users view your WooCommerce products with particular hashtags only.

With over 15 years of experience, Pearl White Media has been delivering the absolute best in making your site the best and the one booming with a great business.