When it comes to browsing any site, everybody wants to experience a website that loads quickly and avoid buffering. Well, have you noticed how much time does your site consume whenever anyone opens it? Yes, it is surely the gravest concern for every entrepreneur out there who owns a site.

However, if you have found your site lacking in the same, then leave it on us. Pearl White Media – one of the top-most Web hosting Companies in Montreal is here to offer some pro tips. So, stop worrying and focus on the strategies to make your site stand out –

Look into the animation

Adding animation to the website, no doubt, approaches many visitors to peep into your site. While following this trend, many website owners lack in terms of the loading time of the site. Hence, if you are going to incorporate any animation into your site, make sure it includes smaller touches. Moreover, look after the bunch of video files that you have added here. Those files also may keep you behind the queue.

Image optimization

When you find the number of the retina and HD displays available to users, you might feel to load full-sized images at high resolution. Try to avoid this trap! These large images are likely to slow down your site and you won’t be able to handle it efficiently.

Watch your plug-ins:

Does your website involve a lot of plug-ins? The more the third-party interference is, the slower your site becomes. Well, make sure that you are turning off all unused plug-ins. It will help you to optimize efficiency. Being a prolific web design company Pearl White Media can help you troubleshoot and identify the concern and remove or reconfigure the same.

Incorporate right theme

Are you utilizing WordPress or any other content management system with the current theme? Well, do you know that not every theme is built the same? So, take a close look and choose the perfect theme for your site.

Suitable Image options

Check your file size carefully and make sure that it includes – JPG, PNG, GIF or SVG. JPG files range in size and you can avail of images based on your requirements as well. If your image involves any text, then, of course, opt for PNG. To include some smaller animated elements, you should choose GIF. However, if you want a vector version, then surely go for SVG as it is the best option for icons or logos.

Re-size your videos

Some tricks may help you re-size the video size and make it smaller yet effective for the visitors.

  • Ditch the autoplay
  • Don’t use long videos
  • It should be less than a full screen in size

Minify code files

The world-class Montreal web agency always suggests minifying CSS, HTML and JavaScript files. It further simplifies unnecessary code and rules. Combine multiple JavaScript or CSS files into a single one to make browsing faster.

Now, check if your site is loading quickly and doing better than earlier. If you are still facing any issue, contact the experts to avail yourself of suitable suggestions.