Do you want to grow your Instagram business in the best possible way? If your answer is yes, you have just landed at the right place. You’re going to learn the most amazing secrets of the successful Instagram businesses that are Instagram stories. You might be surprised to know that as per, Instagram is becoming a shopping hub for consumers worldwide. On a daily basis, 500 million+ Instagram users watch stories and that is a real opportunity for you to grow your online business. It can work smoothly especially, in such a global pandemic situation. Today you’re going to learn the top 6 Instagram story hacks that will magically boost your audience engagement. So, once the top-secret hacks are revealed to you, you’re going to create a buzz in the market.

Introduction to Instagram Stories

The official launch of Instagram in 2016 initially for keeping the followers updated with minor activities in the business and evolving into a more interactive platform shows how it has grown in popularity over the period. For instance, posting polls can keep the users of a community engaged. Besides, if you have just launched a product or updated the process of your products, you can make the declarations on Stories and receive the question stickers from those customers who have logged in. However, what is even more popular in the trend of socializing Instagram is sharing screenshots of tweets in the posts and Stories.

Usually, the Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours but you can stop a few stories to disappear automatically, such as the highly engaging posts. Instead of letting the posts go, you can save the content in the Story highlights and allow it to stay permanently.

Use G-board to get Amazing Benefits

Have you ever realized the importance of the G-board as your typing tool? Well, G-board is an amazing keyboard especially, for Instagram stories. It will provide you the feature to search for images and GIF at the right time while you’re uploading the Instagram stories.  It also helps you to find the most amazing Google images and GIF in no time so that you can save your valuable time as well. The best part of G-board is very easy to use.

You can follow the below steps to make the best use of G-board on Instagram:

  • Download G-board and make it your default keyboard.
  • Go to the Instagram stories upload section.
  • Click to write so that the G-board will appear, after that just click on the “G” icon and now you’re able to type anything you want.

Use Instagram Story Designers

Although G-board is not enough, Instagram stories are the things that need to be most catchy in nature so that people stay there for a while and decide to take any actions. In order to get attracted by your audience, your Instagram stories have to be a little colorful, well designed, and attention-grabbing. For this, you can use “Canva” as it is one of the best available tools with easy options to make attracting Instagram stories. Most of the Instagram influencers use and suggest “Canva” make Instagram stories as they have found it most useful. Even, “Canva” can provide you with some readymade templates that you can use to boost your Instagram engagement as well.

Always Collect Data from Instagram Insights to Grab the Movement of Audience

Instagram insight is such an amazing tool that will provide you information regarding your posts and stories. But why do you need to find the data of your posts and stories? It’s very simple.  Data will show you which type of your posts can connect more to the audience and which timing is accurate to make a post on Instagram.

With Instagram insight, you are able to know how many people liked, shared, and saved your post. If you’re a beginner, you’ve to convert your Instagram personal account into a business account to access this feature. Well, if you wish to get more likes and followers for your Instagram handle, you can get a lot of help from Blastup as well.

Always Use Correct Dimensions for Your Instagram Stories

Dimension for your Story is like a savior in the hour of need! Really, dimension plays the most essential role in an Instagram story. Actually, incorrect dimensions generate an improper display of your story and create a bad impression for your brand. Therefore, always use the right dimensions for your Instagram stories to boost your engagement.

Now, you can ask, what should be the correct dimension for an Instagram story! Well, that is indeed an obvious question. The best and highly engaging Instagram story comes with 1920 pixel of screen resolution and a 9:16 aspect ratio. It’s not really complicated; you can use any best photo editor application to resize your story to achieve that specific dimension and then see the magic of these magical ratios.

Always Use Amazing Fonts in Your Promotional Content

Well again, adding dimensions, stickers and images are incomplete in absence of an attractive font because the font plays a key role to express what you want to convey via your story. Why fonts? Using just normal text can be a little boring to your audience and can decrease the readability. Therefore, Instagram stories always need to be stylish and attractive so that your audience can’t lack interest in viewing your posts with attention. So, using a great font is again a game-changer idea for your business. Use some stylish text on your Instagram stories so that the people will stop for some time to read your posts. If people are spending time with your posts on Instagram, it means that you’ve finally achieved the engagement you always wanted.

Alternating the use of hashtags on Instagram Stories

You might think that hashtags on Instagram are not relevant, but when you look back and think, you will discover how easy it is to attract visitors to your page. With constantly evolving techniques, the users can follow hashtags on Instagram stories and use relevant hashtags to encourage potential users. With business accounts, you can view Insights for specific posts to figure out those that do not work. You can also use hashtags on stories and if it is a popular one, make sure you add up to ten images

Use Animations on Your Instagram Story

What a great idea! You can use animations on your Instagram story to make it an attention-grabbing story. Just using animation can turn the dice of your Instagram business. Just imagine a great animated fancy Instagram story, is it not really an exception. The time span or the watch time of your Instagram story determines the growth of your business. Your audience may think for a moment before passing your story. Therefore, Instagram stories are the thing that needs to grab the attention of your audience at first sight otherwise it takes less than a second to pass it. So, using animations for your Instagram stories is a great advantage.


As you know very well that the current pandemic situation devastated almost every business industry all over the world. Now, people prefer online purchases. So, if you can impress your active audience to stop your posts for a while, it can convert the views into purchases and the purchases will provide you revenues. Your main motive should be making your Instagram posts engaging and attractive so that you can earn acceptance from your followers. Once you grab the audience and get the engagements, you are not far away to earn the desired revenues from your Instagram handle.

Author’s Bio:

Walter Moore is a writer and notable management and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance