With several brands trying to catch the attention of their prospective customers, you cannot risk putting your image on stake by creating a bad looking website or a website with poor navigation. Customers generally turn up to their familiar brands and hence seeking their attention can seem like a big deal. While you can decide on creating your website due to money constraints, but the positive impact of a professional hand is unmatched.

However, let’s check the common mistakes that business owners tend to commit:

Cluttered Landscape:

Customers generally tend to spend a couple of seconds scrolling through the pages, and a cluttered website with a lack of proper navigation will confuse them. Proficient Montreal website designers can tell you how to avoid loud and congested designs, and keep it simple for your customers.

Too Blank:

Neither too much nor too little is good when it comes to designing a website, and although minimalism is in trend, it only works out, when done correctly. Don’t leave everything to your customer’s imagination. Remember, visitors are always looking for new things!

Badly put CTA:

CTAs are the buttons that dictate your visitors to take some immediate action. For example, Call now, Click here, Coupon, etc. Ensure that your CTA is properly distributed and doesn’t annoy the visitors. Allow them to browse through your website for a couple of minutes before they finally show up.

Font Game:

Another major turn-off for your visitors is the type of font you choose for your website. Remember content plays a major role in the marketing of any brand as it tells your customers about your business. Choose the font wisely and utilize the white space correctly.

Avoid the Targeted Audience:

While it might seem like a good idea to incorporate varieties of elements in your website to appeal to all kinds of the audience but this way you lose sight of your targeted audience and end up creating a jumbled website. However, choosing the best Montreal web design company help you design it accordingly for the best results.

Poor Template:

Websites that use templates must be careful with the design. Most commonly the logo and the rest of the website look detached which instead creates a bad impression. Well, a world-class Montreal web agency knows how to avoid such flaws.

No Contact:

No business would intend to lose their customers! However, improper contact information on the website can affect adversely. Customer, unable to access the contact information, may get frustrated and leave the website.

Annoying Ads:

Regular pop-ups can distract your buyers from the actual event. Well, hiring professional Web Design Company in Montreal makes sure that the pop-ups are easy to close and occupy a little place.

Misleading Images:

Avoid using irrelevant or low-quality images will turn away visitors as that can make your customers wander.

Slow website:

One of the biggest blunders a business must avoid at any cost is the website loading time. Site speed contributes to your SEO and the more time it takes to open, the greater percentage of your bounce rate.