Here at Pearl White Media we can’t stress enough why social media is important to help your business and website grow. Looking to increase traffic to your website? Start tweeting! Start facebooking! Connect through the social network and get known. Tony Hawk pro skater has the right idea.

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Growing up, one of my favorite and most successful pro skaters was Tony Hawk. Not only is he a pro skater but a great entrepreneur as well. He started his own business at the age of 14 and knew how to market himself perfectly.

“When taking these endorsement deals, I always made sure I had final approval over the way they used my image. But I was also using those dollars to bring attention to skating in general,” he said.

“The key to success in our sport is ‘It doesn’t matter if you’re number one. You’ve got to innovate and try something new or people are going to forget about you,’” he said.

Tony Hawk is constantly using Twitter to get his message across to the world, unlike other celebrities who pay someone to do this for them Tony runs his own twitter feed.

Check out his video here: