There are many reasons why your online business may be suffering, there are quite a few main problem areas that can occur. Many client’s come to us with their website/ online store which at times are 5-7 years old and ask us why their site is not as successful as it was years ago. Competition online these days is fierce, and if you are not on top your website will experience minimal traffic and your sales will have a hard time growing.

We have compiled a list of 5 specific reasons why your online store may be losing sales, please find them below.

1) Price

Price has become a top online shopper complaint within the last three years. Online research shows that consumers’ pricing plays a big part in their buying. Since there are many more online stores today, shoppers are always looking for the best price so you need to ensure your price is fair. You also need to factor in the shipping cost and follow your competitors. For example your competitor might be offering free shipping on purchases over $150 (common practice) so this would be a great move to follow or even offer a similar promotion.


2) Product Ranges and Availabilities

Your customers are taking their shopping online for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is product availability. Make sure your products are all available on your site, and even more if you have for web specials. Online purchasers want an easy shopping experience, discovering items you have in store should reflect that desire


3) Product Sizing

If you are in the clothing business for example, make sure you have a reliable sizing chart for online customers. Online returns can be very frustrating to some clients, in which can cause you to lose business and future sales.


4) Website Functionaly

A very important aspect to every site. This is something we bring up in every meeting with our clients, your website MUST be user friendly in these days and ages. Make sure your category and product pages are clear and precise. We always recommend a white background and a zoom feature on every product to view it in further detail.


5) Imagery

A big aspect to any online shopper’s visual experience is the website imagery. We highly recommend stock photos such as or in order to enhance the shopping experience. A website with good imagery shows a clear demonstration of your brand and the message you want to put across to your clients.


Hope you enjoyed our 5 reasons on how to build a successful online store. If you are interested, please fill out our online form or visit our Magento E-Commerce page for more information.