The Samsung Galaxy S 4 smartphone will soon be available from AT&T starting April 16th. With a price tag slightly higher then it’s main competitor the iPhone 5 which will be selling for approximately $250, dependant on the phone contract you choose.

This new Galaxy will sport a stylish full HD Super AMOLED display all packed in 5-inch screen. This phone will make for great internet browsing for websites and online shopping. Weighing at only 4.6 oz, the smartphone will run a quad-core 1.9GHz with a Android 4.2.2 software.

Where the Samsung phone will be unstoppable in the competition is it’s 13-megapixel rear camera where as the iPhone 5 will still have some work to do with it’s next model in order to compete.

Overall many are looking forward to owning this fast-forward piece of technology, and we are sure the sales will account for it as it is an excellent, advanced smartphone to hit the market.