There are many advantages of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Our company Pearl White Media specializes in the development of this platform. With over 5 years of WordPress experience, we truly believe this is the most versatile, easy to use and SEO friendly platform to date.

Our company’s specialty is the design, development and implementation of WordPress Content Management Systems. We design your homepage from scratch and once the design is approved, we set it up with WordPress so you have full control of the website. The platform offers an easy to use back-end content management system, so there are no monthly charges or fees to constantly pay your web designers.

After you login to your WordPress back-end, you will reach the dashboard. The WordPress dashboard allows you to change many elements of your site without even knowing a line of code. You can easily edit/ change images, pages, blog posts with ease.


WordPress is very user friendly. Many other CMS boast about their many features but in the end are complicated to use. We ensure the back-end of your WordPress website is as simple as possible, even for someone who is not computer saavy. The WordPress platform will never be out of date, it will always offer you the newest version to upgrade to in your dashboard.


  • Search Engine Friendly: Wordpress websites are known and are easily indexed by the major search engines.
  • Plug-Ins: WordPress offers a huge selection of plug-ins that provides website benefits such as benefits for SEO, website speed and overall usability.
  • Simple back-end: Unlike many other CMS’s on the market, WordPress is simple and easy to use. We provide a detailed manual and instructional videos as well upon completion of your project.

We provide a wide range of professional WordPress web design services which caters to our clients in Toronto, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec or anywhere else in the world. Not certain what you are looking for or would like a free quote? Kindly take a few minutes and fill in our online form and we will get back to you with an accurate estimate.