In this technologically advanced era, one aspect online that reins above all is social media marketing. How important is social media marketing you may ask?

This unique form of online marketing can greatly increase the presence of any business from any industry. Depending on your target market, you can post your latest products/ services online in order to reach your customer base and potential new clients. Some companies may opt to hire in an house social media specialist or at times hiring an outside firm to manage their social media presence.

We recommend you setup a page for your business on Facebook, Twitter and Linked in amongst many other social media platforms out there. How do you go upon managing all of this? Simple, we recommend Hootsuite. It is a developed full platform with no charge if you are under 5 staff in your company using the software. It is good to update and post an informative posting on Facebook and Twitter a few times a week. It is always good to post something that will get your audience to LIKE the post, comment and start a chat amongst other friends or business associates. If you have a business that is strictly B2B then Linked in may be a good option for you, but at times marketing on that website can be costly.

At Pearl White Media, we believe social media marketing is a very important aspect to keeping visible online and building new business/ clientele.