Every year at the CES show, participants from around the world are kept up to date with the latest and upcoming technology.

Displayed in the great Las Vegas, the coolest technologies are demonstrated to individuals looking to stay up to date on modern technology. This year at the 2015 Inernational CES show, some of the biggest manufacturers, developers and enthusiasts have attended. What did we learn that will be a hot trend in 2015?


1) Driverless cars: Definitely something big to look out for this year including reveals from Mercedes, BMW are self driving cars. These carmakers will have a plan for a future where everyone’s a passenger.

2) Smart homes: Our homes will get to know us better in 2015. Technology in our house will use sensors and personal preferences to automatically adjust to our environment. Imagine hidden sensors in your room which will know when you get up and the lights will automatically turn on.

3) 4K TV’s were just the start: 4K isn’t the future, there was displays of 8K, 16K and more at the CES show. TV’s are becoming thinner and thinner as well.

4) The Internet: Many tech devices are being made so that the Internet will heavily be available in more places worldwide. This will sure help increase our website business to further expand worldwide.


Stay tuned this year for all the latest gadgets, we will do our best to keep you up to date on everything TECHNOLOGY.