At Pearl White Media, we specialize in the development of WordPress WooCommerce websites.

If you have been using WordPress to showcase your products, you are already aware of the powerhouse of it’s simplicity and easiness to use. Even greater is how you can turn your website with your gallery of products into a full online store. It allows you to add product pages, a fully functional shopping cart, and a working checkout procedure for handling payments to your website.

There are some other great plugins that we can recommend for your WordPress website:

WooCommerce Subscriptions ($199)

This extension allows you to collect recurring payments automatically and works with 25 different payment gateways. You also have full control over your billing cycle.

Product CSV Import Suite ($199)

If you have a wide variety of SKU’s this plugin might be great for you. Instead of uploading each one manually, you can simplify this task with the CSV Import Suite.

Table Rate Shipping ($199)

Table rate shipping is excellent when you want to offer the flexibility of the shipping charges for your products. You can set calculated rates based on the number of items in the cart or set standard rates for shipping.

WooCommerce Bookings ($249)

This extension lets you created time slots to give visitors the opportunity to book an appointment/ booking on your site. This booking management system is a great, manageable tool from the back-end of your WordPress site.


Feel free to contact us today at Pearl White Media Website Design so we can assist you in offering the maximum potential for your site, in order to drive more business.