The foremost thing that you need to know about WooCommerce Plugins is that with these features you can easily build a platform that can be extremely user-friendly and helpful for your customers and clients. It is an open development community that can make anything possible and with these factors, your business grows in any direction. The most prominent plugins that will ensure to popularize of your business are,

  • PDF invoices and Packing Slips

This plugin will make sure that you can easily upload the slip or the invoice of the product that your customer has brought from you.

  • This will offer instant installation
  • You can choose any language.
  • The invoices will be organized chronologically.
  • You even can generate plugins in bulks.
  • You can send out e-mails after attaching the invoice.


  • Wishlist

A wishlist is one of the most intriguing and very beneficial aspects of a WooCommerce online store. The various benefits that it brings along are;

  • It increases the sale amount very easily, as you can provide more products based on the past choices of the customer.
  • With this plugin, you can offer various gift lists for events like weddings or baby showers.
  • Along with this plugin you can choose multiple lists and you can also name them.
  • You will have an easily-assessable wish-list button on your website.


  • Beeketing

This is one of the most used marketing tools of an online platform. You can have over 10 marketing features in this plugin.

  • It has a tool that will send a notification if your customer has added products to the cart and hasn’t placed the order.
  • With this, you can boost the online sales prospects a lot well.
  • It increases upselling and cross-selling of products to a good amount.
  • It will have offers and coupons in the checkout section.


  • Multilingual WPML

According to the e-commerce Experts Montreal With this feature you can have several languages added to your online store.

  • This plugin will change the language according to your customer’s choice instantly.
  • From product details to homepage text, each text will be translated into the language chosen by your customer. Even at the checkout point, the language will not be an element of distribution.
  • This will help you change currencies as well.


  • Order Delivery Date

You can add the exact date that you are sending the order to your customer with this plugin.

  • This will maintain the transparency between you and your customer only if you state the date beforehand and deliver the product on the very date.
  • Along with dates you will also be allowed to include time in the section, to have the best coordination with your client.

You can have an add-on section for your clients to have a better experience. The most cost-effective ways that can be connected with your customer 24*7 along with a worldwide customer base. With Pearl White Media you can have these services for your Woocommerce Online Store Toronto, which will help your business extensively. Along with all these plugins, you will have SEO consultancy you upload a new product on your website.