A California teen has developed a super-capacitor that could fully charge a phone in 20 to 30 seconds. Meanwhile tech manufacturers are boasting how quickly their phones charge which is nothing compared to under 30 seconds.

At Pearl White Media we mostly have iPhones, which we practically need to keep charged the whole day just so not to get to the low battery level, as we constantly check emails on it daily.

What is a super-capacitor you might ask? It is an energy storing device that has a long cycle life and potential to hold a lot of energy per unit volume. Eesha Khare, who is only 18 years of age has made quite an advancement with this technology.
The super-capacitor developed uses nanastructure, which allows for a greater amount of energy per volume. At the Intel Internations Science and Engineering fair in Phoenix, over 1,600 high school finalists from around the globe attended which competed for over 4 million dollars in Rewards.

We believe at Pearl White Media, that is someday this technology becomes in use it will have the ability to replace conventional batteries and our toys and gadgets could spend much less time being plugged in.
Imagine if it only took 20 to 30 seconds for a full charge. This advancement in technology can even be used for laptops and electrical vehicles, among other devices. Khare ended up winning a $50,000 Youg Scientist Award as well generated interest from Google, will be attending Harvard this fall.

We believe this is a great start to further advancement for mobile devices and the possibility for electric cars in the future.