Do you wish to get your website noticed by Google and visitors alike?

If so, you must work on your SEO tactics.

Why? Well, according to Internet Live Statistics, there are over 1.95 billion websites operational right now. Unless you are in a respectable position on the search result list, you won’t get noticed.

And even if you do, whether or not you will form a positive impression is not guaranteed. According to studies conducted by Gary Fernandes and J. Brown, it takes 50 milliseconds for people to form an opinion of your website.

So, you are competing against time and other businesses to gain top positions in the search result and to retain visitors once they click on your website.

One search engine you must consider when drafting your SEO strategy is Google. After all, the search engine has over 91 percent of the total market share. Even in the US, it holds a significant chunk of the market.


If you wish to get noticed on Google, here are super simple SEO tips you must implement.

  1.     Boost your loading speed

While there is no certainty what is considered in Google algorithm when deciding search engine ranks for websites, many believe that page speed is definitely on the list. This is because page speed is an essential part of an online experience.


As per a load time study conducted by Google, an increase in load time by 3 seconds can increase the bounce rate by 32 percent. Similarly, an increase in load time by 5 seconds can end up increasing the bounce rate by 90 percent!

Improve your website loading speed, and automatically your page will appear at a better rank on Google.

  1.     Make your website design responsive

In today’s age, there are just too many devices on which people might be accessing your website. Google ranks those websites higher that feature web designs that are adaptable to all devices.

Whether it be Smart TV, tablets, desktops, or mobile phones, your website should alter itself to fit perfectly in the dimensions of them all. Google considers any element that brings convenience to its visitors to be important.

And having a website reflect properly on a given device surely helps in boosting the online experience. You can make use of quality websites development companies like Unified Infotech or Inflexion to help you in creating such a design.

  1.     Add keywords in your content


Over 40,000 searches are conducted on Google every second. These searches can be divided into primary and secondary keywords. Primary keywords refer to the main words that are often used in searches, while secondary keywords refer to proper phrases.

For instance, a “leather jacket” is a primary keyword, while a “leather jacket near me” is a secondary keyword. If you include these keywords in the content of your website, Google will deem your site to be relevant to the search and hence display it on a better rank than before.

Conduct thorough keyword research to identify high-ranking and frequently used keywords. Add them to your content as cohesively as possible. Make sure not to overstuff your content with them. This can end up hampering your rank since Google detects keyword stuffing easily.

  1.     Craft unique content

According to Data Box, three-quarters of SEO should focus on creating quality content. Why? Because people go on to search engines to gain information.


And content helps in providing this information. Since Google ranks websites based on how effectively it helps its visitors, if you add up the two together, you will realize that content is the ultimate thing that matters.

Make sure that your content is not duplicated or subpar. First, focus on the quality of content and then optimize it for keywords. White label agencies like Growth Proton might be able to help you in creating content that converts as well as rank high. It is better to rely on experts for it to ensure better success rates.

  1.     Add Videos, Infographics, and Pictures

Generally, the more videos and pictures you have on your website, the slower it will be. But, if you compress and optimize their size, you can easily get the best of both the worlds.

Why should you have such items on your website in the first place?

Well, Google prefers websites that are rich in all types of content, including pictures, infographics, and videos.


Make sure to optimize the pictures as well. This includes using SEO tactics on the name of the image. Make the name as precise as possible and add keywords to it so that it appears on Google Images under the right query.

Additionally, always film professionally and don’t just add photos from other websites. This is because Google can easily recognize images and hence the duplicity. And using others’ pictures is a copyright violation that can lead to penalization!

  1.     Keep updating

The world of search engines is dynamic. Just because a given keyword ranks high today doesn’t mean it will always do so. Similarly, just because a given content is useful in today’s time, doesn’t mean it would be tomorrow.

So, to retain your high search engine ranking, you must regularly update your website. Update your content to let customers know about new promotions and offers. Partially redesign your website to boost load speed. Conduct an audit from time to time to identify areas of weaknesses.

  1.     Invest in link building

Not all SEO strategies need to be explicitly implemented on your website. Some of them transcend your site. One noteworthy tactic is link building, whereby Google considers certain sites to be better than others because another quality website refers to them.

Make your content such that other high-quality websites find it relevant enough to cite. Also, in your case, only include backlinks to quality websites, to maintain your credibility.

You are ready

Use these seven tips to make Google love your website. Whether it be optimizing content and images of your site, adding the right keywords, having a low load time, having quality backlinks, and responsive design, do it all in an effort to help your visitors.

Anything that helps in improving the online experience of people will help your business as well. Do it all and watch your site get a high ranking. Let us know below when you do.


Mary Warner is an enthusiast blogger. Her compelling research and communication capabilities exchange offerings that have value for the reader. Her passion for writing has been an ever-evolving affair. She loves to share her views related to latest trends in marketing, technology, ecommerce, and the like.