Many of our clients come to us on a daily basis and ask us what’s the best platform for an online store? Being as both are our specialty, WordPress and Magento are the best options depending on the project’s requirements.

Both content management systems come loaded with exemplary features that helps online retailers setup a high-end shop. If your main objective is to sell products, Magento is the best option because of it’s large list of functionality for selling numerous products. However if your focus lies in managing the content, then WordPress might best fit your needs. If you are planning on building a site for news updates and for blogging then WordPress might be a better direction.

Using e-commerce plugins, you can take a basic WordPress platform and turn it into a full fledge online store, such as WooCommerce for example. Even with the plugins, out of the box we find Magento has more vast e-commerce features, my account and check-out process.

Due to the fact that Magento is more detailed, you may feel like it’s more difficult to manage your site as WordPress is very simple and straight forward. Both take time and practice to get used to. Both are open source, SEO friendly and have custom fields giving you the ability to customize the number of fields you will need.

To conclude, it is really up to the user depending on their needs, features and goals for the project. If you have any questions regarding either CMS, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.


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