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Turbo-charge your eCommerce business with Pearl White Media. Don’t settle for one of the free templates. Instead, make your Shopify store stand out from the competition with our custom-designed themes, backed up with converting SEO strategies, to help turn your visitors into long-term customers.

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Why Choose Pearl White Media as Your Shopify Web Design Company?

Pearl White Media is your all-in-one solution for creating a successful Shopify store:

  • Shopify Partner: Pearl White Media is proud to be a part of the Shopify community.
  • Create Customized Themes: No matter what your vision is for your store, our Shopify website builder experts can build a dynamic, responsive theme to address your business’s individual needs.
  • Experts in SEO Optimization: Along with being expert website designers, our team is full of SEO experts that stay on top of trends, optimizing your Shopify store for higher rankings.
  • Shopify Apps: Get exclusive access to unique apps that will enhance your Shopify experience when you partner with Pearl White Media.
  • Dedicated Support Team: You will always have a point of contact with us to answer any question or address any issue that comes up. We will always have expert staff available to help maximize your success and ensure everything under the hood is working correctly.
  • Delivery On Time and Budget: We are committed to delivering on time and at affordable prices to make your Shopify store a reality.

Why Should You Use Pearl White Media as Your Shopify Website Builder?

Shopify on its own is an impressive platform that features the tools you need to create a digital storefront, but they may not be enough if you have a specific idea you want to bring to life. This is where Pearl White Media can come in and provide valuable assistance.

With the help of Pearl White Media, it becomes easier to accomplish certain things on Shopify.

  • Create Customized Themes – If you have a specific theme in mind for your store, Pearl White Media will help you create it.
  • Continuous SEO Services – Ensure that your store is seen by the right shoppers with Pearl White Media’s SEO tools.
  • Shopify Apps – You’ll be able to access all kinds of apps that can be used together with Shopify if you partner with Pearl White Media.
  • Security – Keep your online store safe with the help of the Montreal-based web and graphic design company.
  • Support – Should any issues arise, you can get in touch with Pearl White Media’s support staff right away.
  • Affordability – You don’t need to pay a high price for Pearl White Media’s services.

Shopify Partners create elements that can be used by entrepreneurs on the ecommerce site. They essentially improve the experience of running and owning a Shopify store by presenting more options.

If you want to work with a reputable Shopify partner that can greatly enhance your digital storefront, you should partner up with Pearl White Media.

Why Does Your Business Need Shopify?

Your business needs Shopify to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape – now more than ever, it’s hard to make it in the competitive niche of eCommerce, and you need every advantage you can get to reach your customers. Shopify can help you with this by using their easy setup, reliability, apps, and marketing tools.

Shopify is cloud-hosted, meaning you don’t have to worry about updating servers or managing the back-end like with self-hosted tools such as Blue Host. In addition, the user interface is friendly and easy to navigate – the only thing you need for Shopify is your own product to sell.

Reliability and security are also crucial for a successful eCommerce business. You’ll be taking credit card information, as well as other customer information that could be sensitive. Shopify has your back with its SSL certificates, enabling you to encrypt every transaction, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

Along with an impressive front-end, Shopify offers over 1,500 apps to enhance your Shopify experience, giving you access to adding reviews, customer wishlists, and integration with other software, such as bookkeeping. This helps you shape your eCommerce store to fit your individual needs and your customers’ needs.

Shopify also offers SEO and marketing integration and analytics; however, these tools can be a bit overwhelming to someone new to the SEO field. So why not have an expert help take your marketing to the next level and optimize your site to maximize profits and customer retention?

Take Advantage of Our Shopify Web Development Services

As Shopify experts in Canada, we can offer you a way to get ahead of millions of other Shopify merchants online by giving you the right tools and expertise to become the best in your niche. We offer custom themes built from the ground up, A-Z web design, marketing, and SEO optimization to keep your customers coming back.

Personalize Your Shopify Store in 4 Easy Steps

Impress your customers and rise through the ranks when you work with Pearl White Media in 4 easy steps:

  • Planning
  • Creation
  • Content
  • Quality Test

Planning Your Shopify Store

Before working on the custom theme, we discuss your vision for your eCommerce business and how you want the perfect storefront to look. Everything down to how you want to handle an abandoned cart (when a customer leaves before buying), and your design preferences, are factored into how the theme will look.

Along with this, we also look at your competitors, their websites, what they could improve on, and other research so we can give you the most competitive edge in your niche. Then, we begin wire-framing and will send you mock-ups of how the store will look, what pages it will include, and how a customer’s journey will look from landing to their first purchase. During this process, we are 100% transparent with you and offer unlimited design revisions, so you will always be satisfied.

Creation of Your Shopify Store

Once you’re satisfied with the design, we’ll begin creating a seamless, dynamic, responsive theme for your Shopify store. Our expert web developers will work closely with the approved mock-up, ensuring your vision reflects the final product. If you want the theme tweaked, we can make it happen.

Once the theme is complete, we will make it so you can manage the store independently without needing a web developer, giving you the power to run your store how you like.

Adding Content to Your Shopify Store

After your Shopify store is set up and ready to use, we begin adding all the content necessary for your customers to make their first purchase, namely the copy for pages, products, product images, and descriptions. This stage is where apps, internal pages, categories, and additional configurations are implemented to ensure your store is ready for launch!

Quality Assurance and Testing

Before going live, we run through several tests on various cross-platform and mobile devices to ensure everything is running smoothly under the hood. Every feature is checked and tested to ensure your customers have a seamless experience with their first purchase on launch day, and you can focus on running your business with peace of mind.

What is Shopify’s Pricing?

Shopify comes at various prices depending on your individual business needs. Their Basic plan is $29 per month, while more features useful for mid-range companies come at $79 per month. An advanced Shopify account for larger companies starts at $299.

Shopify offers their merchants a 14-day free trial, so you can try all the features of any account without giving out your credit card.

Note: Pearl White Media will only handle the design and integration of your theme and other auditions you want in your Shopify store.

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