Pearl White Media always suggests the best alternative to generate revenue on your website. Other then building traffic through SEO, we also suggest having income based banner ads on your website.

Ad-based revenue is utilized by millions of websites online. Banner ads can generate a good portion of a site’s income. As a content publisher, you can implement these banner ads on empty places on the site. There are a lot of good WordPress ad management plugins you can use to achieve this.

Some good ad management plugins you are can use are:

1) OIO Publisher
2) BuySellAds (PRO)
3) Google DFP

With these plugins, you can choose the ad size, rotation factor, targeting and much more. You will also receive reporting tools and from there you can follow your income received. To achieve this the first step is always to get traffic to your website and this can be done through proper SEO techniques. Contact us today for a free quote.