Recently, the world has pushed further into the idea of becoming a singular digital city. Like any city, there are hotspots, cool places where the cool guys want to hang. Websites are like these cities. There are some websites where people want to be; there are websites where folks avoid like a plague and there are some websites where people ought to be but can visit because they don’t know about it. For all its good content and originality, that unknown website has become lost in the sea of websites, competing to be seen. 

To be unseen after putting so much work into designing your website is quite unfortunate. It wouldn’t happen to you because you would learn the key to survive the cold, competitive internet in this post. All your hard work will be rewarding with this simple reveal. SEO. SEO is fundamental to digital marketing and it stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the sun piercing the gloomy dark skies. SEO allows you to harness the raw power of available search engines. Now that you have an idea of SEO, we would explore what it is deeply below. 

SEO Explained.

SEO is short for of Search Engine Optimization. It is the art of bringing attention to your website through search engines. It involves the optimization of your website to allow it to get improved attention through search engine results. In summary, SEO is like getting a free advertisement for your website through a search engine. 

SEO is fundamental to digital marketing as it allows your business to go global by taking advantage of the billions of searches through various search engines. 


Why is SEO Fundamental to Digital Marketing?

Envision this. A maker has made excellent product, but the maker sits down at the office and doesn’t showcase the product whatsoever. That possibly won’t drive attention to the product, nor would any sale of the product happen. Now envision this. A maker has made superb product. The maker showcases the product regularly, advertises it, talks about it all the time, and so on. Such a product would have the public’s attention, and almost everyone would want to own that fantastic product. That is roughly the effect SEO has on digital marketing. That is what makes it fundamental. It brings attention to what you are trying to sell. 

Selling on the internet is no longer strange. Every business is doing it. People are using various search engines to get the products they need. SEO allows you to stand heads and shoulders above your competition. It will enable you to take advantage of what people are searching and enable you to have a higher rank in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and it inevitably allows your business to have more attention and subsequently, more sales. 

Benefit of SEO

There are numerous advantages to optimizing your website for Search Engines. With these benefits, you’d see why SEO is fundamental to digital marketing. These benefits are; 

Increased Business Exposure. Aforementioned happens when you have more visitors to your website. SEO beams the searchlight on your business and causes more people to buy from you. The best part is, you aren’t the one searching for customers, they are the ones searching for you. It means you don’t have to stress yourself more on getting people to buy from you. 

Website Optimization for All Devices. 

There is a certainty that comes from having increased traffic. You start thinking of many things. Most importantly, you start looking for ways to keep your customers. One of these ways is to optimize your website to work correctly on all devices. Another way is to boost your website’s loading time to prevent customer loss caused by a slow loading page’s frustrations. 

The best thing about providing your customer with a pleasant user experience is that, it allows you to have a greater rank when search resutls are displayed. Search engines favour sites that users have had a good time visiting.  


Types of SEO? 

The types of SEO that you can use to achieve the best search ranks are 3.

On-page SEO. It is the process of using keywords in interesting content on your website. 

Off-page SEO. It is the process of developing a strong interrelationship with other websites. These websites can contain links on their own content, which would lead back to your own website. 

Technical SEO. It is the process of improving your own website by boosting the loading time, optimizing it with all devices, site security and so on. As written earlier, the better the experience visitors have on your website, the more your chances of having a high ranking website on the search result page. 

How SEO Works

Search engines are the presenters of your website to the world. They perform this fundamental function by engaging in a series of events such as analysing through the texts on your website by using algorithms that consider the following.   

Quality Content. It is the foundation that the others stand. Your content has to be brilliant and also contain keywords that appear adequately in your content. The content would ultimately be the reason why your website would be hot among visitors. Search engines favour intelligent content as search engines are programmed to expose their users to amazing content. Fantastic content means more clicks and more clicks mean improved ranking. 

Keywords. These are the words that boost your search engine rank. To get a keyword, you must be creative about this and your keywords must relate to your product or the service you provide. These keywords must appear in the right amount for a better chance at having a favourable ranking on the SERP.  

Backlinks. This is a link to your website on another person’s webpage. This helps boost the search engine rank of your website.

Meta Description. These provide summarized information of your web page content for search engines to assess your website’s content. 

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