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Search Engine Optimization Services is the ultimate campaign for every website to help them rank better on the search Engine Result Page (SERP). Being one of the top and  SEO Company in Montreal, Pearl White Media can help to grow your business by getting your website into the spotlight at the top of google and other search engines.

We offer SEO packages at different price packages. Therefore not only big-scale businesses but small-scale businesses and startup companies can also purchase our SEO packages & services.


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Pearl White Media is well renowned as an SEO Specialist in Montreal and thrives to provide the best SEO consultancy in Canada. Simply fill in our SEO quote form and one of our SEO specialists will get back to you with a full SEO audit on your website.

Our team of SEO Consultants are experts in the field and they can demonstrate the SEO strategies that work for your business’s website. 

They explain a variety of SEO ideas and recommend the most relevant SEO strategies that are effective for your business.

With vast knowledge and experience in the field, we are able to outline a complete SEO strategy and a plan to create a fully SEO-optimized website for you. Looking to get to the top of google to sell your products or services? Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies offer a major boost in exposure on the search engines.

Below are the types of SEO activities we perform on your website

On-page SEO | Off Page SEO | Technical SEO | Content SEO | Local SEO | Mobile SEO | Ecommerce SEO


What is on-site SEO? How can Pearl White Media help in that?

On-site SEO is the other name for on-page SEO which is the practice of optimizing the elements present on a website. There are a lot of elements on a website, and the optimization allows it to rank better on the search engine result pages. On-site SEO means optimizing the content on the website, the meta data as well as its HTML structure to improve your website’s site health for Google’s eyes. Getting to the first page of google means increased sales for your product or service.


Now, let’s go over the components that make up on-page SEO.

  • High-Quality Page Content
  • Meta Titles
  • Header Tags (H1-H6) for your titles
  • Meta description
  • Image Alt-text
  • Structured Markup
  • Pages URLs
  • Internal Linking
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Site Speed

On-site SEO helps improve your website health in google’s eyes. It allows google to read your website in a proper SEO format gaining you bonus points on their ranking algorithms

Keyword play a vital role in on-site SEO to improve  webpage’s appearance and exposure. As search engines have become more sensitive through all these years, they are capable of churning out a page’s meaning through the use of synonyms. Thus, every relevant search result will show the webpage. Eventually, the webpage is able to gain more visibility and popularity at the same time. Here are some effective tips to implement.

Keyword-based on-site SEO

On-site SEO is not about focusing on keywords but on relevance.

  • In-depth

Based on modern-day’s SEO strategies the content on the website must be sufficiently thorough to offer in-depth knowledge of the topic. The topic is referred to what principles the website is based on. However, it should precise and impactful as well. It helps to earn a good ranking on SERP.

  • User-friendly  

Is the content on your website readable by all? Is it well organized to find out from the website? Other than being navigable; is it clean or clustered with several other advertisements and affiliated links?

These are the common elements that create an obstacle in the way of the growth of a website. No more worries, as Pearl White Media, can take care of every minute detail.

  • Unique, Authoritative and Trustworthy

The content on the website needs to be addressed properly since it creates an impactful impression. If the content is duplicated from any other source, it affects the reputation of the website which can reduce its rank on the search engine result page.

If your website is offering reliable information and standing on its own, it will be considered more authoritative and trustworthy. As result, the website gains more relevant web traffic and eventually gets the opportunity to increase sales.

  • User Search Intent Alignment

On-site SEO is also utilized to deliver the searchers’ expectations. Being the best SEO company in Montreal, we make sure to align the content topics with the search engine queries. These queries are what help a website rank even better.

Non-keyword-based on-site SEO

Other than the keywords themselves, there are many other keyword-agnostic elements that enhance the webpage’s on-site optimization procedure. Here are some of the elements given below that improve the performance, stability and online presence of a website.

  • The links used on a page (Both internal and external)
  • Page Load Speed
  • Page URL Structure
  • Page Metadata
  • Mobile Friendliness

All of these elements together create an impactful user experience which is the main purpose of on-site SEO. Eventually, the website will also become well renowned. Pearl White Media analyzes each client’s site before making any on-site recommendation.

Can Pearl White Media handle off-site SEO too?

Yes, definitely we can. Our organization possesses a team of highly professional SEO experts who are capable of integrating both on-site SEO and off-site SEO as well. Off-site SEO is referred to SEO actions and practices that take place outside the website. It is like a promotion that takes place outside but its effects can reflect within. It has been proven that 50% of the search engine ranking factor weight is dependent on the factors related to off-site SEO. So, if you are looking forward to working on the optimization of your website, you need to focus on both on-site SEO and off-site SEO as well.

Building backlinks is the main purpose of off-site SEO. Search engines utilize the backlinks as the indication of the linked-to content’s quality. Pearl White Media makes sure the clients’ websites are linked with many high-value links which helps to rank better than other similar websites. There are a total of three types of links.

  • Natural Links

These links are editorially given without any action from the page owner. For example, if a food blogger is adding a link to a post that is focused on the production farms is a genuine and natural link.

  • Manually Built Links

These links are generated via deliberate link-building activities. It is more like a direct approach to a website or an influencer to add a link to your website. With Pearl White media at your side, you do not need to worry about anything as we will find credible sources for link building for you.

  • Self-created links

These links are added to the online forum, directory, blogs, or press releases along with an optimized anchor text. It is definitely an effective process for backlinking but careless use of it can lead to black hat SEO. That is why Pearl White Media works carefully while building these links to offer all the advantages of off-site SEO.

There are a few things that our agency particularly focuses on.

  • The popularity of the linking site
  • Relevance of the topic of the linking site with the site that is being linked
  • The freshness of the link
  • The relevance of the anchor text used on the linking site
  • Trustworthiness and credibility of the linking site
  • The total number of links on the linking page
  • Authority of the linking domain and the linking page

Content Writing for SEO

Content writing is another cardinal element for search engine optimization which helps to gain more organic exposure from potential customers. Montreal affordable SEO services include the services of content marketing to shed more light on the websites by successfully reaching out to online readers. Among the readers, there are also journalists, reporters and marketers from the niche industries who further help to gain more exposure by featuring the content on other reputed platforms.

Pearl White Media is made of a diversified team of professionals that includes expert writers too. We believe a good website cannot be built without high-quality content and that is why we focus on it more than anything. Our in-house writers are dynamic and experienced enough to write website content for every industry. Email marketing is also a part of our strategies since we pitch the content to other relevant websites. The writers make sure to craft content which is simple, crispy and attractive enough to captivate a larger number of the target audience.

The interested clients can also take look at our weekly articles that focus on the fruitful practices of SEO as well as website designing, booting, maintenance, updates and many other aspects.

Monitoring and Analytics

At Pearl White Media, we thrive to keep 100% transparency with the clients and therefore we keep in close communication with our clients. A detailed analytical explanation and keyword report are sent to the clients after the end of each SEO campaign. In order to do that, we keep monitoring the websites throughout the campaign and even after it to make sure each campaign is successfully boosting the SEO of the websites.

We use SEM rush analytics and WMT for this purpose. Monitoring allows us to have a better grasp of the website’s condition and online visibility and how it can be improved. Having a complete overview along with marketing intelligence and competitive research tools helps to understand how well the SEO campaign is working. Not only transparency but we also provide 100% satisfaction to every client as the campaigns keep running until the clients get an ample amount of exposure and satisfactory results of SEO optimization. Both Semrush and Google Webmaster is the most trusted analytical tool in the market and that is why we made them a part of your SEO practices.

The professionals of our agency will not only send an analytical report and also will explain it so that you can understand better how it is enhancing your website as well as the business module.

Why you should choose Pearl White Media?

If you are looking for affordable SEO in Montreal, Pearl White Media is whom you need to contact. We are well revered around the world for empowering over 500 professional websites and turning clients’ businesses into successful ventures. We have been working in the field for more than 15 years and have been a part of various businesses around the world regardless of the industry.

Being the expert in SEO services, we can offer you beneficial packages for various SEO needs. Such as,

  • Local SEO – We work with the niche industries and local communities in your region to offer you more exposure to the local market. These kinds of SEO services are great to create a buzz in the local market and gain more regional exposure. It helps to grow small businesses and startup companies as well.
  • Global SEO – Just like our network has quite an influence in the regional markets, we have successfully expanded our reach to the global market as well. Based on the requirements of the clients, we are able on to work in particular countries or can cover most of the countries to offer global traffic to your website.
  • Ecommerce SEO – This is the era of e-commerce and there are many individuals and startup companies around the world who are trying to grow their businesses successfully. With our knowledge and experience in the field of SEO, we work on the special areas of Ecommerce SEO that helps to grow the customer base rapidly. While there are many online users on the internet, we particularly work on their interests and buying behaviors to help you get potential customers that will increase your sales significantly.
  • Technical SEO – We can also handle technical SEO where we work on server optimization which helps the search engine spiders index your website more efficiently. This helps to improve the organic ranking of the site and makes sure it is free of any technical issues that create an obstacle to optimization. Our technical SEO services help to improve the ranking rapidly.

Check out our SEO plans to find out what fits your goals. Each of our services covers,

  • Website SEO audits

SEO audits will help you to find out the best opportunity to boost the performance of your website. You will be able to keep a track of Google’s Index, Competitors’ marketing ideas and global trends, indexed URLs, Analyze the Site’s Speed, Mobile friendliness, and many other aspects. Therefore you will be to know the nitty-gritty of your website and boost it efficiently.

  • Keyword research

Our Professional SEO experts work on the business niche based on the industry and the demand of it in the market. We are able to generate keywords with maximum search value and relevant to the business. Based on these keywords, we can run SEO campaigns that boost the site’s online visibility exponentially. We make sure the website is ranking at the top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) with every successful search query.

  • Content creation and implementation

Content is one of the best mediums to incorporate those keywords and distribute them to the potential market. We have a team of professional writers who are capable of creating simple and crispy content that reaches out to the mass and captivate them. We can offer you greater benefits by implementing the contents.

  • On-page optimization

As mentioned before, Pearl White Media is an expert in on-page optimization and we can help the website get a better position in the ranking. Brining on the online visitors, web traffic, and engagement; we improve the website’s overall performance on the web.

Our team of professionals is well aware of the changing trends and evolving SEO practices in the industry. That is why, the websites optimized by us are great in design, functionality and popularity as well. Sophisticated, appealing and highly effective; each of the websites turns into a revamped version after going through the fruitful practices of search engine optimization. Other than that, you also get,

  • Free Consultancy for everyone
  • 24*7 active exception customer services
  • The fairly reasonable pricing system
  • Not only SEO services but also Website design, graphic design, website hosting, maintenance and upgrade, email marketing and the list goes on

We offer custom tailored SEO packages to fit your budget, fill in our form below to get a FREE SEO audit on your website