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Are you struggling to get your website ranked on Google’s first page?

This might be because of your page’s poor SEO. You will need a good Search Engine Optimization service.

Hiring one will optimize your page and increase its organic traffic by helping it rank on the first page of any search engine.

Pearl White Media offers various SEO services to cater to different websites, whether large-scale or small-scale businesses.

A Dive Into On-site And Off-site SEO Services

The services Pearl White Media offers are:

On-page SEO | Off Page SEO | Technical SEO | Content SEO | Local SEO | Mobile SEO | Ecommerce SEO

What Is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO (also known as on-site SEO) is simply a procedure that will make locating your website easier on a search engine. Since you need more traffic on your website, you will have to make efforts to rank the website on the first page of the search engine because most traffic stays on the first page only.

To do this, you will have to improve your website’s content, titles, URLs, keywords, meta titles & descriptions, structure (h1-h6 tags), internal linking, speed, and graphics. When you manage to work on and improve all these factors, your webpage will rank, it will attract your target audience, and eventually gain more visibility.

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What is Off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO (also known as off-site SEO) is the work you do outside your website to help it rank.

This might sound weird at first but ask yourself; would you prefer a website someone has used themselves and then recommended you or a new website with no reviews? Of Course, you will choose a reliable one.

That is off-page SEO – to improve your website’s popularity, authority, and trustworthiness among users by promoting it. You can promote it by linking reputable websites or promoting youtube channels and people.

Off-page SEO is as important as on-page since the SEO trends will always be changing, but your page’s authority and trustworthiness will always play a role in ranking it.

Pearl White Media’s Services

For someone who is not tech-savvy and is struggling to rank a website on a search engine’s first page, we have got you covered. Pearl White Media offers a variety of SEO services to not only help rank your website and write SEO content but also keep track of the website’s monthly performance.

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On-site SEO Services

Pearl White Media focuses on both – keyword-based and non-keyword-based on-site SEO. For keyword-based SEO, our experts:

  • Study and implement modern-day SEO strategies by compiling relevant content that promises in-depth knowledge of the subject.
  • Write well-organized content that is understood by a wide range of people and especially tackles issues of the target audience.
  • The content leaves an ever-lasting impression on the target audience and is unique. Authoritative and trustworthy content will define the reputation of your website. Hence, we make sure not to ever compromise on it.

For non-keyword-based SEO, we make sure to

  • Improve your website’s performance and stability by helping improve its speed, so customers stay on it.
  • Add external links to authoritative websites that will enhance your website’s credibility.
  • Create internal links throughout your website
  • Make sure that other links (both internal and external) are not broken.
  • Work on its Page URL Structure and Page Metadata.
  • FIX technical SEM rush issues to improve your site health

Focusing and working on these factors will play a great role in making your website renowned and improving the user experience.

SEO Recommendations

Before we begin, we analyze your website and outline the best SEO strategies that will work for you. We cater to businesses of all sizes and make SEO plans for them accordingly.

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Off-site SEO Services

Off-site SEO Services

The experts from Pearl White Media will make sure to handle all the SEO procedures from the beginning to the end. Since 50% of your website’s ranking is dependent on off-page SEO, our experts make sure to link your website to high-value links, including:

  • Natural Links – the ones added without any action from the page owner. They are not paid or sponsored.
  • Manually Built Links – the ones generated with link-building activities. The specialists at Pearl White Media will find credible sources for manually built links.
  • Self-created Links – the links added to blogs, directories, and online forums with anchor text. These help in effective backlinking.

Before adding links, the SEO specialists at our company make sure to analyze

  • The number of links added and their authority. The more authoritative links, the better.
  • Relevance of the anchor text.
  • The link’s popularity
  • The freshness of the link
  • The domain authority of the website

Content Writing for SEO

Another major factor that helps your website’s SEO is content writing. This is because, with efficient writing and content marketing techniques, your website will be able to reach more readers, reporters, marketers, and journalists. This won’t only inform the public about your website but also help you gain more traffic through marketers, journalists, and reporters.

So, the question is, how we, as an SEO agency, will help you in content writing?

Luckily, we are an all-in-one platform. This means we have a team of expert writers that produce top-notch content and write marketing blogs to boost your website’s traffic.

We provide advantages that regular writers would never have. This is because we go into depth after analyzing your website to produce content that has the potential to attract the audience.

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Monitoring Your Website

The story does not end here. After optimizing your webpage, we monitor and analyze your website’s performance regularly. Throughout the SEO campaign and even after it, we use credible resources such as SEMrush analytics and Google Search console. We do this to keep monitoring your website’s performance and generate keyword reports and analytical explanations monthly and by the end of the campaign. Doing so helps us check the website’s current performance and decide how we can improve it. Additionally, alongside sending reports, we will go into depth to explain how we are working to make things better. We also closely communicate with our clients to ensure they are satisfied with our performance.

Why Choose Pearl White Media?

So, the major issue is why to choose us over all other SEO agencies. The answer is simple; because we offer experience, other companies do not have. Along with being super affordable for startups and large-scale businesses, we offer various services that will cover the whole plan, and you will not have to do anything.

In fact, in this 15 years of experience, we have helped over 500 websites get on traffic and generate organic traffic, boosting their performances and sales. The packages we offer include

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Local SEO (targeting local areas)

  • We work with local communities and niche industries in your region.
  • We help you perform better in the local market.
  • After the campaign, you get more regional exposure.
  • Offers website SEO audits that help you improve the website’s performance, track new trends, offer mobile-friendliness, and more services to enhance overall performance.
  • Keyword research based on your industry to help you rank.
  • Optimized content creation
  • On-page optimization.
  • Best offer for startups and small businesses to boost their business.

Global SEO (targeting countries) 

  • The reach of this package is the global market.
  • We work with countries globally to help you grow.
  • We have links with most countries worldwide.
  • Offers website SEO audits that help you improve the website’s performance, track new trends, offer mobile-friendliness, and more services to enhance overall performance.
  • Keyword research based on your industry to help you rank.
  • Optimized content creation
  • On-page optimization
website SEO audits
search engine optimization consultant

Ecommerce SEO

  • Helps grow the customer base for your eCommerce business
  • Specialized eCommerce experts have new strategies and techniques.
  • We study buying behavior to help you target potential customers.
  • We help tackle eCommerce issues and implement our strategies according to changing trends.
  • Offers website SEO audits that help you improve the website’s performance, track new trends, offer mobile-friendliness, and more services to enhance overall performance.
  • Keyword research based on your industry to help you rank.
  • Optimized content creation for products on your store
  • On-page optimization

What's included in your monthly SEO campaign?

  • Targeted Keywords (MAX)
  • 20
  • Targeted Locations (cities)
  • 1-3
  • Languages
  • English & French
  • Written SEO Articles for backlinking purposes
  • Complete rewrite of meta titles and description tags
  • Website Analysis
  • Monthly Reports
  • Off-site SEO (see below)
  • SEO Friendly Blog Posts (english only, can be translated by translator for extra $)
  • 2 (per month)
  • Backlinks
  • Fix all technical issues on the website affecting SEO
  • Fix Full SEM Rush crawl issues

On-site SEO includes the following

  • Meta Titles (with professional translation)

  • Complete rewrite of meta titles and description tags

  • Focused Keywords

  • Website Analysis

  • Internal linking

  • Alt Tags for Images
  • SEO Structure per page (h1-h6) title tags

  • Fix all technical issues on the website affecting SEO

What you will receive monthly

  • Worksheet (containing all the off-site backlinking)

  • Ranking Report

  • Analytic Report

  • Written SEO Friendly Blog post

Off-site SEO includes the following

  • Profile Creation
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Image Sharing
  • Classified Ads
  • Tumblr
  • Ping Submission
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Pinterest Sharing
  • Banner Creation
  • Banner Promotion
  • Business Listing
  • Competitor Backlinks
  • GMB Promotion
  • PDF Promotion
  • PPT Promotion
  • Blog Commenting
  • Blog Promotion
  • Weebly Submission
  • Weebly Promotion
  • Infographic Promotion
  • Video Promotion
  • Directory Submission
  • Article Promotion

Get Started Today!

Pearl White Media is an all-in-one SEO agency that offers you SEO packages that best cater to your needs, SEO content writing, and other services you might need for your website, and that too at a reasonable cost. We will first design ideas that best suit your needs and share them with you. Then we will implement them. We promise you consultancy and communication throughout the procedure.

Our Testimonials

We love working with Pearl White Media! Our clients are happy, the websites look great, communication is smooth and timely. Couldn't be happier.Kudos to the Pearl White team, we really appreciate the great work you guys are doing, and we are so glad we found you!!
Nikki Devereux
Nikki Devereux
19:12 20 Jan 23
Josh and his team were so easy to work with! They were efficient, creative, and always available. We are extremely pleased with our new website! I highly recommend working with Pearl White Media!
Alexa Azran
Alexa Azran
18:19 22 Dec 22
Jeremy from pearl white media has done an EXCEPTIONAL job for our residential painting website ,not only was he patient, extremely helpful for all our suggestions ,and dedicated to offering us the best of the best , the did our logo as well! We’re hosted with them and fully recommend for all your design/ online service needs. Thank you! Pearl white media ?? ?
Peinture Purcell
Peinture Purcell
20:21 04 Oct 22
After many years of delays and postponement, we met with Josh Bilerman from Pearl White Media. He was able to understand our needs and concerns and the particularities of the real estate market and within months we developed and outstanding website. We had many changes and editions and he was patient and understanding throughout the process. He guided us through many of the technical issues and translate them into real business applications. PWM was able to intelligently categorize our different products in a seamless and organized fashionWe have found much success with our site and many of the users are very pleased. Thanks to the design from Pearl White Media we are getting a large increase and inquires for our available rentals. Many peers in our industry have complimented us on our site.PWM is an ideal company for entreprenueurs, family based business, and start ups.We look forward to working with Josh and PWM on further developing our digital strategy
Daniel Shahrabani
Daniel Shahrabani
19:52 07 Sep 22
Very professional work and very responsive. They have creative ideas and will take the time to help with marketing for your website. It all worked out great for our business. Highly recommended!
Kirk M
Kirk M
16:32 20 Jun 22
Excellent work!For the past months I have worked with the pearl team. They were very patient and attentive to our expectations and wants in regards to the website. Pearl White Media was able to transform our ideas into concrete. I highly recommend this agency. A great investment. If I ever need to create a website I will definitely work with them again!
T. C. Rachel Djame
T. C. Rachel Djame
12:46 29 Apr 22
Pearl White Media designer, Jeremy Goldenberg, and his exceptionally gifted design team worked with me to design my logo, Imagine A More Promising Future Publishing, and website. As a newbie to logo designing and website building I truly appreciated their tireless guidance and patience.The collaboration I experienced while working with Jeremy and his PWM team was tremendously helpful to my induction into How to Create a Website. In many ways my experiences felt as though I was participating in a master class for emerging website owners. Working with Jeremy and his web design team building each component for my website was time consuming. But the end result proved it was time well spent. In fact, my website is the best evidence of why Pearl White Media is very worthy of a five star rating.
julie COLES
julie COLES
20:39 23 Feb 22
I had the most incredible experience working with Pearl White Media. They're professionalism and attention to detail was spectacular. Jeremy was always quick to respond and act of changes. We are extremely happy with the amazing work. thank you!
Mr Pretzels
Mr Pretzels
21:01 24 Jan 22
It's a great pleasure to work with Josh and his team, they are efficient, detail oriented and always willing to go the extra mile. Looking forward to future collaborations. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a digital solution support / website design & production. Thanks Josh!
Heidi Breitenmoser
Heidi Breitenmoser
20:30 27 Nov 21
We are thrilled to have found and work with Pearl White Media. They provided us with exceptional service, they go above and beyond for their clients. Josh is professional, honest, patient and always quick to respond to any questions that I have. He listens and respects to all of our requests. We confidently recommend working with Pearl White Media.
Amy Kiernan
Amy Kiernan
14:33 22 Nov 21
I was referred to Pearl White Media for web based help. I was treated very well, all my requests were honored and my website is up and running and looks amazing! Thank you so much guys!
Gita Varma
Gita Varma
03:04 05 Aug 21
Excellent Wordpress website development. High quality at a value.
Keith O'Brien
Keith O'Brien
12:42 25 Jun 21
Pearl White Media helped us build our website from scratch. Jeremy and his team were open to our comments and respectful of the vision we had for the site.At some point, the time difference and the distance between Europe and Canada, in addition to the current Covid-19 context, made follow-ups harder, but we managed to respect our deadlines by being flexible and keeping open lines of communication. Our feedback was always well taken even when we put a bit of pressure :)
Rodrigo Ortiz
Rodrigo Ortiz
09:08 01 Jun 21
I contacted the boys over at PWM, and let me tell you!!! The professionalism 10 stars, the price 10 stars, the service 100 stars. They are absolutely incredible human beings, and will go above and beyond for you! I highly highly recommend them for your website!
Douglas Segal
Douglas Segal
23:08 20 May 21
I contacted them for a quote and responded quickly with a resonnable price.Very responsive to my feedback.Deadlines were respected.Great work.
Gislain Armand
Gislain Armand
18:11 20 May 21
We are so thrilled with our new website! Far superior to the version we previous had and now we can easily update content as needed with an easy-to-use interface. Highly recommend Pearl White Media!
TheAdvisor SouthShore
TheAdvisor SouthShore
15:52 31 Jul 20
I had a great experience working with Jeremy at Pearl White Media Web Design. He was very responsive, knowledgeable, and super helpful with my issues. If you are looking for SERVICES I highly recommend giving them a call.Thanks Jeremy!
Devin Schumacher
Devin Schumacher
13:38 22 Jul 20
Pearl White Media made building a website easy! They took our ideas and brought them to life. They were super responsive and willing to help out and make suggestions where needed. They make sure you are 100% happy with the site prior to it going live. They really helped my clients website ideas come to life. Would 10/10 recommend.
Melissa Mariani
Melissa Mariani
20:56 11 Jun 20
Loved my experience with Pearl White Media Web Design and their website developers. They were quick to react and truly created the site and look I wanted from the beginning. I asked for tons of edits and they never made it seem like I was annoying... They just worked for me in an extremely efficient, timely and professional manner. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Giancarlo Aimone
Giancarlo Aimone
19:56 13 Mar 20
Pearl White Media has transformed our online presence. We looked into several other companies before choosing Pearl White and are very happy that we did. Josh and his team have far exceeded all expectations in service, design, and attention to detail. Working directly on our custom made webpage the team was involved in every step through designing a webpage that best suited for the practice. The whole team has been extremely responsive and professional.If you're looking to take your online presence to the next level We'd highly recommend Pearl White Media. We truly can’t thank them enough.
Andrew Mather
Andrew Mather
17:07 06 Jan 20
Our experience with Pearl White Media was wonderful. The team's responses to our feedback through the entire process were quick, polite, and effective. This was a pleasant experience with them from start to finish, and we are so happy with our new site! It looks clean, organized, and it was painless to get to this result. Very professional team with awesome communication skills. We would definitely recommend Pearl White Media for anyone wanting an impressive website.
Customer Support
Customer Support
19:58 07 Nov 19
Jeremy and his staff at Pearl White Media were professional and very easy to work with. Created a great website for my company and communicated with me every step of the way. Very efficient and made it a nice experience. Appreciate all of their work and would highly recommend them.
Ron Schmidt
Ron Schmidt
06:56 29 Oct 19
Pearl White Media were extremely helpful in creating an organized and appealing website. Josh was especially helpful and took the time to answer all my questions. The rates were very reasonable and the work was completed in record time! I am very grateful for their service!
Taylor P
Taylor P
19:25 24 Oct 19


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