Restaurant Web Design for All Your Needs

We are a complete SEO and web design company specializing in restaurant website design and development for businesses in Montreal, Toronto and other parts of Canada. Whether you are a café, a hotel or a large chain in the hospitality industry, Pearl White Media can help you put your best face in front of your customers with custom packages specially designed for hospitality businesses of all sizes. As one of the top website development companies for restaurants in Montreal and Toronto, we have helped many businesses set up their online presence thus attracting more people and growing their customer base.


Restaurant Web Design Services

At Pearl White Media, we take a practical approach to designing your restaurant website. Our web developers will begin by identifying your target audience and walk you through the process of determining the goals for your website. As website development providers, we offer various services for restaurant owners that include, but are not limited to, the following:


Restaurant Website SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an important element in marketing your restaurant’s website to attract more customers. Pearl White Media provides you with a dedicated SEO consultant who will work with you or your in-house SEO team to research and determine the best methods to grow your online presence. With search engine optimized content, clear navigation and categorization, we can help your business become more visible in search results when people search for restaurants, hotels or cafes in Montreal, Toronto or other Canadian cities.  


Restaurant Website Branding and Marketing

At Pearl White Media, we understand the importance of branding and marketing in establishing a business. The size of the business does not matter; marketing can help even the smallest café owners reach a larger audience than a chain of restaurants if is done professionally and efficiently.

From logo design to deciding the colors of your website, no element is too small when it comes to creating a trustworthy and reputable brand. The aim is to create a consistent design that becomes the identity of your business and evokes positive feelings. For example, people think of qualities like “dependable”, “delicious food” or “great service” when they see your logo anywhere. This is the power of efficient branding.

Marketing this brand effectively is essential in establishing your reputation. You cannot just hand it over to people who have insufficient experience of working with restaurant websites and businesses. Therefore, Pearl White Media will design a custom marketing and branding strategy for your restaurant so you know in advance what we can do for you.


Get Your Custom Marketing Strategy Now!


Responsive Restaurant Web Design

Today, a growing number of people prefer to order food from their mobile devices. This makes it vital that your restaurant’s website is compatible with all kinds of devices. When you work with Pearl White Media, our website developers provide you with a responsive web design for your restaurant so users get the same beautiful and functional website no matter what device they are using.


Restaurant Web Design Incorporating Online Ordering

When people visit your restaurant website and go through your menu, the next logical step is ordering your food. As more people have started to prefer ordering food online, it has become necessary for restaurants and other hospitality businesses to provide online ordering services. People often move on to the easiest option – which might be your competitor – to get their food if your website proves incapable of handling such requests.

Our website developers and designers will help you plan and implement an efficient online ordering system for your restaurant website so you never lose another customer to a competitor.


Restaurant Website Graphic Design

Nothing says efficient, professional and delicious like beautiful pictures of your best food. People are naturally more inclined to order or dine at your restaurant when they see mouth-watering pictures of delicious food. Our designers have a flair for professional graphic design that is aimed at appealing to the taste buds of viewers thus growing your customers and bringing you more business.


Custom Print Marketing for the Hospitality Industry

Whether it is brochure design, leaflets or flyers featuring special offers, we can design each element that is used in print marketing. Our designers can also assist you in designing specific campaign material for events like The Restaurants Canada Show in Toronto. With the help of a strategic plan, our designers and developers will help you integrate your restaurant web design with your print marketing to create appealing and interesting campaigns.


You Serve Your Customers and We Serve You


With our custom restaurant web design packages, you can enjoy complete Pearl White Media design and development services customized specially for your business.

If you would like to learn more about our services or how we can develop your restaurant website, contact us today at or leave us a message. We would love to hear from you!