After many months of rumors, it seems clear that Apple may be getting involved in the electric car market.

Tesla being a current leader in the industry, will be quite surprised if this is deemed to be true. This can mean a direct competition to them. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has a team of up to 1,000 employees working in a secret on a branded electric vehicle. The codename for the project is “Titan.” Apple appointed executive and former Ford engineer Steve Zadesky to lead the group almost a year ago.

We are curious to see in the near future if these rumours are true and if indeed there will be a new electric car in the market to compete with Tesla. Even if this is true, it will likely be a few years before an Apple car can be seen on the road. A LinedIn search reveals that there are at least 46 former employees of Tesla currently working at Apple.

At Pearl White Media Web Design, we believe the future of the automotive industry rests in the hands of the future large tech companies and their inventions in order to reduce gasoline emissions and drive electric.