Real Estate Web Design That Works!

If you are a realtor, broker or real estate agent in Montreal, Toronto or anywhere else in Canada, you are on this page because you have already realized how essential a dedicated and professional website is for your real estate business.

Pearl White Media specializes in real estate web design with dedicated developers and designers who help our clients build custom websites that fit their business and branding.  The development of an efficient and productive website is more than just design. The first step is ensuring that the website is not only beautiful and attractive to look at but also fully functional & SEO friendly.


This includes various components that all come together to create a professional real estate website that only attracts visitors but also retains them as clients. Some of these components are:

  • Focused landing pages that will highlight your real estate listings
  • Supplemental pages for each of the areas you operate in for example, The Plateau, Pointe-Saint-Charles or Bas-Anjou in Montreal. This serves the purpose of showcasing your knowledge and expertise of working in specific neighborhoods in addition to helping with SEO.
  • Targeted contact forms – Specific contact forms for sellers, buyers or as per their interests will help you create efficient mailing lists and build a network of leads.

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What a Professional Real Estate Web Design Can Do for You

Our real estate web designers and developers are professional and efficient with a vast experience of working with real estate professionals like realtors, brokers and agents. We know how important leads and connections can be in the real estate industry therefore, our real estate web design services are specifically geared towards helping you reach the right audience, connect them to your business and turn them into clients. How do we do that? Let us explain.

Real Estate Web Design with a Plan

Before you begin website development, the first step is deciding on several factors that will dictate the design and functionality of your real estate website. These include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Your audience – Is your target client a home seller, a home buyer or a renter? Deciding on the specific audience with your Pearl Media real estate web developer will ensure your website and related material is geared for the right clients.
  • Your branding – What colors do you want to use? What fonts and styles for the text will be most beneficial? Etc.
  • SEO – Optimizing your website for search engines will prove to be one of the most effective elements in your marketing efforts. Our professional SEO consultants will research and develop a strategic SEO plan to make sure your website appears in search results for your targeted keywords.
  • Custom real estate web design – In consultation with you, our real estate website designers and developers will create a design that is both appealing and fully functional.

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Real Estate Web Design
with SEO

Web Design and Seo Services by Pearl White MediaPearl White Media has been helping real estate professionals maximize their presence and increase the number of people they can reach through their website. We understand that optimizing a website for search engines is more than just using a few keywords in your content. It is a combination of functional design, fast website loading times, strategic use of graphics and optimized text.

When you work with a Pearl White Media website developer, you get the complete attention and professionalism of a dedicated SEO consultant.


Real Estate Web Design Graphics

The look and feel of your website, whether it is a WordPress website or one designed by a real estate web developer, is the first step in attracting more leads. When you work with our designers, we make sure that each component is consistent throughout the website. This includes elements like:

  • Website branding, colors, logo design
  • Custom graphics – like images, icons or text-based graphics – specifically created for your unique brand
  • Responsive web design – this makes your real estate website accessible on all devices like mobile phones, tablets and computers.


Print Marketing Design

In addition to custom web graphics we also provide graphic design services for print advertising for your offline marketing efforts. These include:

  • Brochure design
  • Real estate flyers
  • Business cards
  • Real Estate Branded Signs

Each print design that we create for your business will match the design on your website to maintain a consistent branding approach. For example, if your real estate website design is primarily blue, we will make sure all related material also carries the same theme. This helps people easily identify your brand or business and differentiate it from others.

Focus on Your Business and Let Us Worry About the
Web Design!

Pearl White Media is a complete real estate web design and SEO company specializing in helping our clients grow their business and generate more leads. We take care of each element of your website design and print marketing so you are free to focus on your clients.

If you would like to learn more about our services or how we can develop your real estate website, contact us today at or leave us a messageWe would love to hear from you!