At Pearl White Media Inc, we believe social media marketing is a crucial aspect to the success of your business in 2017. Instagram is a great platform to gain followers and increase brand visibility and exposure.

Here are a few tips on how to get your brand/company noticed:

1.Generate content geared towards your audience

Generating the right content for your audience is the most important step in getting more likes. Find out what your customers enjoy seeing and target those customers with relevant images.

2. Post Regularly

Post on a regular basis, don’t let your instagram become stale. DO NOT OVERPOST, feeds that are constantly posting every minute will be considered spam in your viewers eyes and will lead to an unfollow.

3. Write a Compelling Bio

On insta, your bio is crucial. It’s a sum of up what you do, your passions and what your page is about. Make sure your bio is snappy and to the point. This will make the difference between a follow or not.


4. Use Hastags!

Hashtags (keywords preceded by #) have become an important tool in gaining likes and popularity. Users frequently search up hashtags in topics they are interested in. If you hashtag #webdesign as an example, whoever browsing webdesign will be able to see your post and possibly follow you.

5. Have a CTA

Have a CTA on each photo that links them to where you want them to go. Example: ” Sign up for our website today for 15% off all orders” or another example is “Double tap if you agree” engaging your customers in liking your content.

6. Use High Quality Content

Don’t post up a blurry or unprofessional image. Use only top quality content for your instagram page, show your viewers you are professional and generate high quality posts.

7. Follow people!

Follow the people you are looking to target. The more people you follow the more you have a chance of getting followed back. Be careful though, alot of viewers see a page that follows alot of people as “trying to hard”. You want to follow people but keep that number at a minimum.

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