You already keep a wide array of cards in your wallet which include your debit car, credit card, gift cards and for those who own a business, multiply that by having an additional bank card and visa card. We have so many cards on file, that it is about time everything gets reduced to one single card.

Developers ar Plastc are working on an all in one card capable of more than 20 cards combined. Interchangeable via the card’s E-ink display and upgradable firmware this will allow for new features and technology.

Plastc comes out of the gate with NFS technology (like Apple Pay) and has EMV capabilities in line with a more-secure chip-based card readers rather than magnetic strips. The card will have a PIN lock and must be synced to a smartphone. At Pearl White Media, we believe this technology will be innovative to the feature of online e-commerce.

Plastc will have a rechargeable battery, which users can charge wirelessly. A charge lasts 30 days, according to the developers. You can pre-order the card for $155, in which it is planned to ship out sometime in Summer 2015.