Looking for Ontario web design services? While you may think that creating a website is all about the visuals, it involves far more than that. You want a quality web design that actually performs for your business. Pearl White Media is an Ontario web design company that has helped many clients build stunning websites that have helped them achieve their digital marketing goals.

A Full-Service Web Design Like No Other

What makes us different from other companies that do web design in Ontario is the fact that we’re a full-service web design company. This means that we work on many different aspects of the design. Here are some of the major things we cover:

  • A design approach that focuses on converting traffic into leads and sales
  • Designs that incorporate the message, unique value proposition, and identity of your brand
  • Sites that are designed to deliver an outstanding user experience for users
  • The mobile-friendly site that is optimized for all major devices
  • Websites that are designed and built to be SEO friendly

All of this together results in a high-quality web design that not only looks stunning but is also built to perform.

E-Commerce Design and Development Services You Can Rely On

ecommerce website design and development pearl white mediaWith eCommerce growing every year, many of our clients have come to us to help design and develop their online stores. There are many challenges that you have to deal with when creating an eCommerce site. This includes having to go beyond normal responsive designs for optimal user experience, working on reducing load times, creating layouts and structures for conversion, and more.

It takes a quality Ontario web design company to create outstanding work for eCommerce sites. The reason is that it is technically demanding to create these kinds of sites due to the vast number of pages, large amounts of media content, and dynamic elements. It is also more demanding from a design standpoint. It’s far harder to optimize for conversions, understand the analytics, and create clear user paths compared to a one to a simple two-page sales process.

When it comes to eCommerce web design in Ontario, we are confident that we are among the best. We have a lot of experience when it comes to creating eCommerce sites. We also have a strong track record when it comes to these sites. We especially excel when it comes to the UI/UX design and mobile optimization.

We Have Experience with All Major Platforms

It can be hard to find high-quality web design services for your platform of choice. Fortunately, we are experienced with many of the popular platforms. This includes WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento. These platforms are a common go-to for companies in the eCommerce space. While these platforms have done a lot to make it easy for website owners to handle themselves, they are still challenging to work with.

We know how to work with plugins, extensions, and themes for all of the platforms. We also understand the big distinctions between these three eCommerce platforms, so you can expect to see a website that’s optimized for the platform you’re using. Whether you need an extensive development project or a simple redesign, we can get the job done without any issues.

Custom Design Solutions for Your Specific Needs

custom we design solutions pearl white mediaWhile many small business owners and companies go with themes and site builders, we understand that it’s not always the ideal option. That’s why we have a team that can create a custom design and site for your specific needs. The website will be built around your business strategy, industry, technology, brand, and other elements that cannot be found through commonly available templates and themes.

We know that some companies will be operating complex sites like eCommerce stores. Our custom designs are built to make it easy to manage the content. Complex sites require features and functions that are easy to use despite the challenging context. This is what we excel in. And don’t worry if the final product isn’t exactly to your liking. We want our clients to be completely satisfied, so we offer unlimited revisions for our designs.

A Website Designed for Your Goals

Every website will have different goals. Some will be to generate leads via ad campaigns and some will be to generate traffic via SEO. It’s important to make sure your website is built to help you meet your goals. For example, there needs to be a lot of work done on creating an SEO friendly code, site structure, and mobile compatible design for websites that will be driven by an SEO campaign.

We understand the role that your site and its design play in your digital marketing strategy. We also offer various services from email marketing, SEO, to social media. That’s why we know how to design a site in ways that complement and support the digital marketing strategy you’re planning on using. So, if you’re looking for website design in Ontario, you need to go with a company that has the right skill sets.

Get Started Today

As you can see, we understand web design and development on a deep level. We focus on every important aspect of a website. This includes conversion rates, branding, user experience, mobile optimization, and SEO. It’s very unlikely that you’ll find a service provider this experienced in website design in Ontario.

Again, our speciality lies in eCommerce sites, developing and designing sites for WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento. We also have a strong team that can work with you to help you build custom sites and designs. If you don’t like the themes that are out there in the marketplace, we can help you create your own.

Ready to get started? Click here to request a quote. We’ll work with you to provide solutions whatever your budget is and help you create a site specifically built for your business goals.