When it comes to Summer time in Montreal, nothing beats it. Well, as of today the latest news is starting early June a handful of selected bars will be open till 6AM!

No more issues with not knowing what to do after 3AM when you just aren’t tired, or have an event to celebrate all night long. This is great news for our emerging city to create more business after hours. At Pearl White Media, we find this is going to be a great tool to bringing more tourists to our lovely city this summer.

What 18 year American wouldn’t be joyous at the fact that not only is the legal drinking age below 21, but also the bars stay open to the wee hours of the morning! As if the nightlife in Montreal wasn’t already great, this will be an added fact to the ever growing, wild nightlife we live here. Think about it, Grand prix weekend partying all night long… Enjoying your favourite drinks till the sun comes up.

We can’t wait to experience this and I am sure you can’t either. Stay tuned for the best summer yet!