The latest news from Blackberry given in Orlando by Research in Motion CEO Thorsten Heins is the peek at the upcoming Blackberry 10 smartphone. Announced Tuesday at Blackberry World this new device will host some key features which is defined by the company as “flow” between applications. The phone will be equipped with social integration and multitasking including a new OS.

Will the Blackberry 10 be an instant success or can it even compete with the current iPhone 4S and upcoming iPhone 5? Here at Pearl White Media we truly stand by our Apple products and will opt to await the new iPhone as opposed to going in the Blackberry direction. The clarity and efficiency of a current Iphone in our eyes is irreplaceable.

An interesting feature is the cameras on BlackBerry 10 phones will be able to capture imagery before and after you take the shot, letting you “go back in time” in case, say, someone closes their eyes. Another interesting feature is Cascades which are a BB10 developer tool (in beta). This app lets creators add dynamic elements to items like buttons or specific fields. There’s also a Cascades plug-in for Photoshop which is an interesting feature for designers such as us.

Now the question remains, will this phone be an instant success and bring the company Research in Motion back to where it used to be?