With over 5 years experience in WordPress, there is a reason we keep utilizing this platform online. WordPress is extremely versatile and allows us to develop the ordinary site into a spectrum of simplicity for any user to manage themselves.

When a client comes to us on budget and needs a reliable website, that is well optimized we always gear them towards one of our affordable WordPress packages. Why develop a website in WordPress as opposed to simple HTML you may ask? Simple. WordPress allows the user and even us the developers full access to control all aspects of the website ourselves. For example you have a new page you want to add, an image you want to change all you need to do is login and within less then a minute your updates can be done.

What about security you may ask? WordPress is very secure and even offers multiple plugins to ensure further security on the website. As well, through the WordPress back-end you can add multiple plugins to help with SEO. For example, the ALL IN ONE SEO plugin will give you the ability to add the correct title tag, keywords and descriptions to all your pages to ensure excellent rankings in the major search engines.

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