Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms you can use to sell your products. However, it still requires a lot of design, customization, and additional upgrades to get it operating at its full potential. We have helped many of our clients with our Shopify web development services. We have helped many of our clients increase sales, grow their brand, and create an eCommerce site they can grow with.

We Start with a Web Design Crafted to Sell and Impress

Making sure your website design is visually attractive is one thing. But we know how important it is for eCommerce business owners to have a website design that helps facilitate sells. Everything from how the category pages are organized, products are listed, to how the product description is arranged has a big impact on sales conversions.

That’s why our design services are targeted to making sure your Shopify store performs. This takes into many factors such as the unique brand identity, landing pages, user experience (loading time, site architecture, navigation path, etc.), and shopping cart. In fact, if your conversions are low, here are some reasons why this may be the case.


We Excel at Shopify Customization

We offer customized Shopify eCommerce development services. Whether you need to customize your Shopify themes or develop your own, our team has the skills and experience to build a optimally performing website. As a premier web development agency, we can deal with a wide variety of issues.

This includes the following:

  • Customization of existing themes as well as third party themes.
  • Development of custom themes optimized for your eCommerce needs.
  • Help with migration to Shopify and from Shopify to other platforms.
  • Development of Shopify apps for features and functions that can’t be found in the open market.
  • Assistance with setting up new Shopify sites.
  • Creation of a platform that can be easily run and managed by your team.
  • …and so much more.


What Makes Us Different from Our Competitors?

While there are other Shopify web development and design firms out there, we stand out for several reasons. First, we are experienced with other eCommerce platforms. So, we know how to handle different platforms and understand the nuances between them. If you ever need to migrate to another platform or want similar features/functions that are available on a different platform, you can rely on us to meet the task.

Second, we have worked in the eCommerce industry for a very long time. We’ve worked with many small businesses and brands across a wide range of markets and industries. As a result of our experience, we know what works and doesn’t work. By working with us, you’ll be able to avoid costly mistakes and get the extra guidance needed to ensure that your Shopify site is successful.

Third, we understand what you need as a business owner. We’ve worked with many Canadian entrepreneurs in the Montreal and Toronto areas. Our clients are not looking for sites that are simply visually appealing. We understand their needs to have an eCommerce site that performs.

That’s why we look at things like:

  • Making sure that the Shopify site is SEO friendly.
  • Designing and developing the store to make sure it is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Ensuring that your site loads quickly for all platforms to ensure maximum conversion rates.
  • Offering help to optimize the checkout and shopping cart to help our clients secure more sales.
  • Creating a Shopify store that integrates with essential third party services and digital advertising campaigns.

Fourth, we offer additional digital marketing services that can help your Shopify eCommerce store succeed. This includes ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) services, development of email marketing campaigns, and other various eCommerce optimization services. Our goal is to be a central eCommerce service provider for our clients from start to finish. Our team works closely with our clients to ensure that they see a strong ROI from working with us.

Finally, we have a long list of satisfied clients to back up our work. This includes large corporations, small businesses, media organizations, and digital based businesses. You can see many samples of our work on our site. It’s very likely that you’ll come across a project that’s similar to what you’re looking for. And if that doesn’t happen to be the case, you can always look for elements that you’d like to incorporate into your project.

Schedule an Appointment with Us Today

Whether you need help creating a design for your Shopify site or require advanced Shopify eCommerce development services, we can help. We know how challenging it can be to find the right solution for your eCommerce business. Our team is prepared to take on these challenges and help you create a Shopify site that you’ll be satisfied with.

To get a better idea of how we can help, contact us here with any of your questions. If you have a specific project in mind, then you can also request for a quote. Simply fill out the form and we’ll get back to you in a timely manner!