Did you know that 2/3 of U.S. consumers own smartphones? As well, with the soon to be released iPhone 6 and latest Samsung Galaxy device, this number will continue to grow. This number raised significantly from 44% in 2011.

Global smartphone sales totaled around 968 million units in 2013, ever growing from previous years. You might think Apple hold the market share, but it’s actually Samsung controlling the market with 31% over Apple’s 15.6% share.

This is one of the main reasons at Pearl White Media, we do full mobile browser testing on iphones/ ipads for all the websites we develop. Once our developers complete setting up a WordPress or Magento site, the first thing we do is test on all mobile platforms/ smart phones so ensure it shows up clearly and within the size constraints as well is user friendly. It is very important as well for e-commerce stores to be clear on your smartphones in order to check-out directly online with ease.