This past Tuesday Microsoft launched the new Surface 3. At only 9.11mm thick, it is thinner and lighter then the Macbook Air.

Microsoft managed to craft a device that can act as a laptop and a tablet. A big advantage that the Surface 3 is that not only is it just a keyword and also touch and pen input as well. You can use this as your main workstation or even as a laptop. Does it compete with other tablets in the market? We do not think it would be a direct competitor to the iPad but could in fact complete against the Macbook Air.

With a screen resolution is 2160 X 1440 216ppi, the quality is outstanding, surpassing it’s competitor (Macbook Air) but does the software complete with Apple? At Pearl White Media Inc. We find the Apple software simple yet sophisticated so it would be tough to compete. We will see how it sells in the market, and are looking forward to trying out this new tech toy sometime soon.