At the Windows 10 even this Wednesday Microsoft rolled out it’s new operating system along with their new high tech gadget the HoloLens. The headset appears to combine virtual reality, augmented reality and live video for a brand new type of computing experience.

The HoloLens depicts a holographic future of computing reality. Microsoft showed off a demo of the headset in action, creating a holographic drone in mid-air. The front is a see-through lens cover, with side arms which include spatial sound. There is no wires handing off the back, it is completely wireless.

In addition to creating objects, the headset will be used for gaming. As well Microsoft showed off “holographic” interactions on the surface of Mars. NASA space agency hopes to put the headset into use this summer.

Augmented and virtual reality is the future. Will websites be virtual in the future as well?

Let’s wait and see what the future has in store for the web business.