Magento E-Commerce Website Design and Development

Ecommerce web design & development services are a specialty at Pearl White Media, Montreal & Toronto. We, as web designer,  take pride in being part and helping our clients succeed in online store development. We specialize in helping your company sell your products or services online through the Magento E-commerce platform.

Magento ( is an extremely powerful & flexible e-commerce platform with much room for future growth. It uses the most up to date ecommerce technology with no monthly charge associated to it. The system gives you full control over all aspects of your store as well as detailed reports on your sales and customers.

Magento 2.0 is now available, so contact us today for a free quote on developing a new online store for your business. You can read more about the features here:

The Magento software has been developed to be search engine friendly. Magento e-commerce is used by such major brands including Adidas, Nokia, North Face and Ford (, reason being is that they offer great support and a wide list of features (

Magento E-Commerce Website Design and Development

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Magento E-Commerce Avantages

  • Everything you need to run a successful e-commerce store is built in: shopping cart, my account, checkout, newsletter, emails, promotions, etc…
  • Search engine friendly
  • Built in Content management systems to easily update the pages & products on your store
  • Admin interface is intuitive and user-friendly, great for clients who quickly need to update products, inventory, shipping info, etc…
  • Extensive list of add-ons, plugins, modules….
  • Multi-currencies, multi-languages
  • Built on Zend framework, easy to create custom module and implement them
  • Growing active Magento community constantly releasing new and greater improvements
  • No monthly fees
  • Built-in upselling / cross-selling functionality
  • Configurable pricing
  • Multi-store (can be ideal for internationalisation, managing multiple shops etc)
  • Product bundles
  • Newsletter management
  • Customer groups
  • CMS pages
  • User management
  • Advanced stock management
  • Multiple image per product
  • Advanced shipping method / supplier control
  • Easy to use Product & Category management”My Account” section where users can track their orders & update their profile
  • Built in Payment Gateway to process credit cards and PayPal
  • Simple Order management

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