Magento E-Commerce. What are the Advantages over Shopify?

We hear this question pretty often, being Magento specialists and using the software over 5 years now we can certainly agree that Magento is a more flexible platform to design your custom website.

One major selling point on Magento over Shopify is that there is no monthly or annual fee using Magento. Using the community edition, it is open source so there are no hidden expenses. What Pearl White Media does is specializes in creating custom/ designs and themes and integrating it with Magento so the client has full control of their website.

Shopify comes with a monthly package so charges are on going and can end up being steep if you want to keep the website long term. The highest package (unlimited) is $179.99 a month. Another major aspect on why we believe Magento is a more versatile platform is the fact that you can manage it on the server of your choice and have access to ALL files. On Shopify, you are always working on their server, so you don’t have the right to edit all the files.

Magento store owners have the ability to set up multiple stores, languages and currencies and control them all in one admin panel. Magento is flexible and it is designed to grow, whether a storeowner has 10 products or thousands of SKUs. The back-end is much more in depth in terms of management of your orders, customers and product data.

Overall, we highly recommend a Magento website if you are looking to build a business that will extend to long-term growth. Magento has all the future to assist you in growing your business and marketplace. Feel free to browse through our portfolio to see our custom Magento designs.