When iPictDB.com contacted us all the way from Sacramento, California for our website design services, we we’re more then happy to help on the project. His past website was lacking a content management system which made it hard for him to manage and expand his website.

We approached him with an affordable way to get his company’s website to a new level. With a custom built WordPress CMS, the owner now has full control to update all the images on the site as well as all navigation buttons etc.

You can learn more about what they offer below:

Inspired in 2010 by a photographer and parent, iPictDB was created to help people find their pictures. With digital photography, the virtual shoebox has grown boundless and the need for a way to find these pictures became apparent. The addition of GPS capabilities into cameras meant that we now know where we took the pictures in addition to when we took them. Armed with these two pieces of information and a big database, we can now figure if that picture corresponded to an event because all events take place at a location and in a moment of time.

You can download the plugins here

Overall, the client is content that he can now have the flexibility to fully manage the site himself. We also optimized the website for the major search engines vastly improving his previous search engines rankings.

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