Who is not aware of the world of the internet? Each and every business, corporate sectors, organizations and many other areas nowadays prefer to promote their services through online websites. This is done to reach a large number of potential customers and audiences. Besides that, a majority of the customers know about the services and products that a company provides through their websites. As a result, for each and every sector, there is a need of different website designing trends depending on the type of industry.


It has been observed that since several years the website designing field is flourishing through different updated trends. These latest trends help the websites look more attractive and at the same time convenient to use for the audiences as well as potential customers. As a result, with this article, you will get to know about the latest web designing trends for 2016.

Latest 2016 Web Designing Trends: 

So, let us have a glance at latest 2016 web designing trends shortlisted by website design company:


  • Modular and component designing: The web designing in 2016 is going to be focused on the module or component designing at a time instead of designing entire layouts for a particular web page. The component designing most often includes designing the search function and its working, laying the navigation and many more. Usually, the repeated elements on different screens are designed in a way so that it could work independently with the rest of the site.


  • Incorporating different styled navigation and menus: Being a web designer, experimenting with the navigation and menus seems to work well as well as quite useful. Incorporating different styled navigation and menus could help in designing website more creatively. Also, it helps in showcasing the important piece of content more conveniently irrespective of the screen on which it is being viewed on.


  • Scroll or no scroll: The year 2016 is focusing towards the minimal scrolling as well as long scroll too. Confused? Actually, some of the website owners are preferring minimal scrolling websites while others are preferring long scroll. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks. As the long scrolling makes it feel natural as well as easier but it spaces out the content and makes difficult to find the information from the site. On the contrary, the minimal scrolling gets to the point quickly which may ultimately increase the bounce rates. At present, there are more long scrolling sites in the trend, as compared to the shorter ones.


  • Flat design: As the responsive design has taken over the web, the flat design is going to continue to dominate in the web designing industry. Majority of the websites will be launched with the flat design trend. Also, those websites that have already embraced flat design trend will make the things look even flatter.


  • Incorporating rich and subtle animations: While the flat design is in trend, the websites are getting to look more and more alike. At one end, the designers are focusing on making the sites look different from others with the use of rich animations throughout the web page. This is how the rich and subtle animations help in building an interactive web page that attracts more visitors to the site.


Thus, as the website designing field is introducing new innovative trends to incorporate in the industry, it can be said that the web designing is always ready to innovate and embrace the changes. As a result, these web designing trends makes it more rich and interactive for the audiences.


Author’s Bio: Ryan Holman is a web designer and working with website design Adelaide company since few years. With this post, he is introducing latest 2016 web designing trends.